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Balanced and aligned posture can enhance our best of ability to practice proper breath control and to achieve stillness. To calm the activity of our thoughts it is really important that we understand the benefits to the mind and body that the aligned posture brings.

There are two basic categories of postures, sitting and kneeling. It is imperative that you evaluate your posture prior to choosing both the positions and zafus best designed for your practice. Meditation cushions have different types of use and that can be used on the basis of the position for meditation.

Meditation cushions have been used by people who practice regular meditation techniques in order to make their experience as comfortable and relaxing as possible. These cushions can bring more comfortable and effective meditation experience for you. The achievement of stillness during the process of meditation depends on your breathing and on your posture. Your choice of the meditation cushions helps to keep your mind focused and body aligned. Choosing the meditation cushion also depends on the posture that your height, prefer and your requirements for support. Fill choices are buckwheat hull, kapok, and cotton.

These cushions are perfect for people with less flexibility. These cushions can cut down the weight on your knees and also on the ankles. It also can help you in improving the sitting posture of your meditation and so the good alignment.

There are few benefits of using the cushions for meditation:

To improve posture

There are also the kneeling cushions that help you to diminish the pain and discomfort in your hip joint. These are rectangular shaped cushions and the most recommended type of cushion by the experts. You need to choose the shape and material according to your preference.

For constant meditation process keeping your body straight is very much important and this type of cushion can help us to keep your body straight. These cushions are soft and give the soft feeling to you to. It keeps your spine best in position and reduces the pain of your spine. By selecting the right type of cushion, you can allow more comfort to your entire body and it will help you to enjoy the meditation process for longer period of time and by increasing bodily comfort you will be able to enhance your concentration.


These cushions are also a great option to get desired comfort. But the comfort level entirely depends on the material that the cushion is made. There are different type’s materials like wheat frames, kapok cotton, fleece, etc. These materials are not just comfortable but they give the cushion a unique look.


There are the lightweight, small in size cushions and this cushion is easier to convey. They are portable. Floors are too hard on your ankles and feet for longer meditation period and you can choose the pillows or cushions to comfort your legs and give support to the lower part of your leg.

Using cushions is a great supportive way for the users to continue their meditation program comfortably.


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