4 Reasons Why Sleep Meditation Is Your Antidote To Insomnia

Insomnia could be mild or chronic. When it is mild, you find it difficult to sleep properly for a long period of time or to get adequate sleep, especially during the night. On the other hand, chronic insomnia involves you finding it very difficult to sleep, this affects you both at night and during the day, it also leaves you ...

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The Importance Of Good Sleep

Much has been said about how important it is to have a good sleep. Proper sleep helps us keep healthy and active. If you sleep better you are more alert during the waking hours. They are inversely proportional. Let us see how it works. Sleepiness And Alertness When you wake up from your sleep in the morning you are very ...

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Deep Sleep And Its Effects To Soothe Your Brain’s Anxiety

A new study on neuroscience suggests that anxiety can be reduced by a good night’s sleep. William Shakespeare was right when in Macbeth he made his protagonist say that sleep is the “balm of hurt minds.” Sleeping for a full night can make emotions stable, while not sleeping for a night can trigger anxiety levels by 30%, as a new ...

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