Creating A New Mindful Outlook: The Best New Year Resolution

Year 2020 was a very strange one for many people. It forced people to reduce their hustling pace by staying at home, especially with the uncertainty of when things will get back to normal again. 

For many, it was a very uneasy period. People that thrive in social gatherings had a very hard time, as they had to be away from friends and loved ones.

Anxiety rates (amongst many other mental health issues) skyrocketed, and many felt hopeless in the face of loneliness, joblessness and hopelessness. 

For most people to cope with the situation of the day, they filled their days with thoughts about the past and future, completely forgetting to live in the moment. This is why mindfulness is very important.

Mindfulness is the practice of bringing your body and mind into full tune with the present. It involves creating an intense awareness of the ‘here and now’.

While mindfulness is mostly linked to meditation, it is way wider than that and does not always have to involve meditation.

It simply is any activity that grounds you to the present, producing a deep sense of inner peace in the current situation. It can involve journaling, yoga, creating art, spending time in nature, amongst other things. 

We have all anticipated 2021, as it signifies the beginning of a new chapter, and new realities different from 2020. We have all created our New Year resolutions which are nothing more than ordinary goals.

In 2021, you must create new year’s resolutions that involve a new mindful outlook, to have a year filled with peace, regardless of what may come. 


Here are 3 reasons why you should create a new mindful outlook for the new year


1.     Accept that life is not predictable and stress is a part of human nature

Many of us give up almost immediately we set our New Years’ resolution; all we need is a default in our healthy eating plan, missing the gym or having a stressful week, and it’s down the drain with all the exciting plans and goals.

The stress involved triggers an automatic behaviour response and we return to the routine habits that have been established over the years, which have become safe and familiar. Many times, we don’t even know we’re doing it.

Mindfulness will help us develop and remain aware of the feelings and internal states that are driving our behaviour. It gives us the opportunity space and time to ponder upon difficult feelings and make clear-headed, deliberate decisions on the way forward. 

2.     There is no such thing as perfection

Our minds are wired to prefer whole, complete outcomes. For humans, a week is more pleasing to the ear than four days, an hour is better than 57 minutes, etc. These are signs that show that we crave and need perfection, but this need automatically sets us up for failure. 

In truth, life happens, and despite our efforts, forces beyond our control can get in the way, disabling us from fulfilling our commitments. Imperfection does not make us failures, it makes us normal people, and mindfulness teaches us to accept whatever the current situation is and move forward. With mindfulness, you can always commit to moving forward. 

3.     Mindfulness can help you attain your other New Year resolutions

It’s not that our goals are unrealistic, or unattainable, we just don’t start from the best place to succeed.

If we want to achieve anything in life, we must be aware, we need awareness to manage our thoughts, behaviours and feelings so we can move towards our goal consciously.

Awareness shows its benefits in all areas, from reduced stress levels to improved sleep, to better communication and strengthened relationships, all achievable simply by being aware- by being mindful.

Mindfulness is not only free, it can be integrated into our daily activities like walking, cleaning, cooking or gardening. This simple act can change our lives and give us the best year we’ve ever had! 

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