Does Addiction To Other People’s Opinion Affects You And How To Deal With It?

It is universal human desire that you want yourself to get accepted among your peers. It’s not uncommon that you are worried about what other will think about any particular activity! Sometimes you may have felt rejected and have defended yourself for being criticized by others.

All these are common human nature and it is natural that you are not above it. Still there lies a fine line between what is common and being addicted to the fact that every opinion from others affects you.

Are you addicted with others opinion?

Being a social being you cannot ignore the fact that you do many things because someone else will like it. Similarly, you avoid doing things as that may not be praised by others. It is normal till the point when it does not affect your personality as a whole. You cannot think of a life when you do not care of what other’s thinks about you, but the question is what is the limit?

Time comes when you do everything keeping in mind that what will be the reaction by other people. Sometimes it will lead to self-centered as you will not bother that whether it is for good or bad. All you want is praise and until and unless you get your ‘dose’ of praise you are not happy.

When such situation arises you need to be careful, as its then you are addicted and addiction of any kind is bad.

How to deal with it?

If you want to feel connected to others, there is no harm in it. The problem arises when you are too dependent on other’s opinion and start losing your self-confidence with other’s opinion.

Thus, the first thing you need to do is ensure that you build your lost confidence. There are two characters within you. One is positive and other is negative.

The negative person within you will tell you that you are good for nothing. You are doing things just like that but compared to others it is simply not good!

If you can overcome this negative feeling and listen to your positive feelings you will find that you are a better person who has started believing in yourself. You have to fight with your own insecurities. Do not depend upon others to fight with them. For time being they may heal your soul, but you do not know if it’s true or not.

Always question your thinking. Negative thoughts have very bad effect and whenever you have them, do not depend upon your friend’s positive opinion. Rather question yourself that what is it that is making you think so low about yourself. Gradually you will find you are getting answers. If you think there is something to work on, do that. Believe in yourself.

Don’t do anything to please others, but know you. What is it that makes you feel happy? What type of people do you feel good with? Make yourself comfortable and with time you will find that although you love other’s opinions about you, you are not addicted to them.


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