Don’t Let Anxiety Rule Your Life

Anxiety feeds on itself. It does not need extra support to grow. As you give it attention and space it captures your mind. Just the way this true, the opposite is also true! Want to know how? Read on

It’s all about Law of Attention

Human thoughts and emotions try to do one thing that is getting your attention. When you give them importance, they will stay along with you. On the contrary, if you avoid them they will surpass you.

The story of two wolves inside us is not new. When you feed the good wolf, it becomes stronger and when you feed the bad wolf it takes prominence. They will start taking decisions of your life. Even your mind and thoughts are same and there are not only two wolves in your mind but many others. Now it’s your decision that to whom will you give power. You may feel shy to go anywhere and if you keep in thinking that no one will like you or something like that, then you will always feel shy to go anywhere. Thus, you need to overcome these thoughts and make sure that you can control your thoughts. How? With the help of meditation.

Meditation gives you power

When you meditate every day you learn how to control your thoughts. It teaches you how can you give importance to certain things and push away those thoughts that are making you negative. When you practice meditation every day you can even control your breathe and in the same way you can decide which thought is more important.

The challenge is to manage your negative thoughts when they come up. The more power you give to these thoughts the more prominent they become. Apart from meditating there are other techniques with the help of which you can give more importance to positive thoughts. First is that you must observe the thought and if it’s negative just let it pass away.

There is other way where you need to speak with yourself about your thought. Be loud and see what your mind says. Say loudly that it’s not a good thought. When you say it loudly, your mind registers it and acts accordingly.

The final is replacing the negative thoughts with positive thoughts. It may seem tough, but remember that just the way anxiety feeds itself; your confidence can also feed itself and grow. All that is required is your mindset to make sure that you will overcome your negative thoughts. When you find that your mind is full of negative thoughts, think why they are there and try to bring about those thoughts that are positive.

Don’t feed the monster

Finally, it must be mentioned that anxiety will take a toll on your life if you let it grow. The power is in your hands that you will not feed it and allow it to grow. Don’t let any set back capture your mind. If this happens try to overcome it as soon as possible. It’s your mind that will decide that whom are you going to feed, Anxiety or confidence?



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