Easing Pain With Mindfulness Meditation Effectively

Falling In Depression

Some unexpected moments of life leave a baggage of grievances, hopelessness, fear, complexities and complications that are irreparable. Pain builds up in breathes we take, pain feels in the moments we spend, pain starts to weigh our existence down and procures itself around us in our surroundings.

Mental Injury Cannot Be Seen

When we are injured physically, it can be seen and repair by taking a few tablets and applying ointments on the injury. But who will repair the tornadoes affecting my head? Who will relax the storm’s speed in my mind?

“I am feeling very low. Please, help me.” are two sentences ringing in your head, and you want to convince everyone that there is something wrong, but you cannot just talk and confide in your soul mates too.

We knowit is Hard

We feel your pain, uncertainties, misgivings and precariousness. We know how hard it becomes to talk, move and see in even milder form of depression. We are with you when you say it is hard. Yes, it is really hard and complicated.

But your life does not end here. You can grow yourself bit by bit, groom and become healthier again.

It is not difficult to become healthier again at all. You just need to control your thoughts, have power on your mind, thoughts and the opinions you think. You can accomplish all these goals with the Mindfulness Mediation.

Doing Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is not only a suggestion coming from meditators, but also science seconds it. Now, when people go to doctors with the complaints of mental illness, most of the hospitals initially prevent patients from taking anti-depressants or medicines that induces sleep on them.

Rather, they are suggested to do mindfulness meditation in order to relax and get themselves back.

Here is how you can do mindfulness mediation to alleviate pain from your existence:

Step No#1: Choosing Calm Place

First of all, you should try to find a place for mindfulness meditation where nobody can disturb you.

Step No#2: Relaxing Tension Spots

Now, you should try to calm your mind and focus on your body. Try to find any spots that have tension, and relax them slowly.

Step No#3: Living in the Moment

Remember, life is all that you live in the present moment. Do not engage yourself in the worries of the future, or regrets of the past.

Tell your mind that you are living this moment. Keep repeating this mantra in your head, and you will find the most soothing place in your head, heart and yourself.

Step No#4: Scanning yourself

Now, know you are physically. Using your mind, turn your attention towards your physical existence. Start from your feet and go above your head. Feel yourself, and know yourself well.

Step No#5: Complete Awareness

Last step is to feel your awareness completely as a connected entire whole.

Living in the present, feeling from within and knowing who you are relieve your tension and let you live fully your precious life.


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