Establish Connection With The Creator And Be Happy And Calm

When we have firm belief in Almighty, who is the Creator of this world, we attain mental strength. When our mind is sound and calm, there will be no place for anxiety and fear. The entire world is reeling under the grip of the deadly Corona virus and millions of people are either in isolation or are confined to the four walls of their homes with fear in mind about the deadly virus. Those who are in isolation or quarantine must be free of isolation anxiety. Meditation is the most effective way to free the mind from anxiety. When we meditate, we are able to focus our minds so that there will not be distractions. When we practice meditation regularly, our minds become calm and centered. In these days of the horrible pandemic Corona, yoga practice and meditation are the most effective methods to be calm and peaceful. By practicing yoga regularly, our body becomes more resistant to diseases and hence by practicing yoga we are protecting ourselves from the deadly virus and helping others also by preventing transmission of the virus. Meditation takes us closer to the Creator and though we live in earth we establish a direct hot line connection with Almighty.

Experience His infinite love and compassion

Meditation enables us to share our anxiety, grief and worries with god. When we get connected to god our minds get focused and we experience true joy and happiness. We are among the creations of Almighty and He showers his love and compassion on all of us who are his creations. His love is infinite and it is hidden from us. When we focus our minds and become completely immersed in meditation, we are able to experience His infinite love and compassion in the form of vibrations in our minds. We feel that the divine light which we have never seen is within us. This feeling of fulfillment makes at calm, confident and cheerful. The Creator reveals the truth that all his creations are recipients of his infinite love and compassion and that goodness is the essence of everything that we find in this world. The goodness may be invisible to all and as a result none will accept this truth. But, through meditation we come to know this truth.

Love and goodness

When we come to know the truth we should stick on to that and should never try to deviate from the path. In spite of tremors, tsunamis, thunder and lightning  we will never deviate from the path of the truth. When our minds are able to reach such a stage we should take it as a signal from Almighty. This beautiful, divine signal will make us joyful, happy and healthy. When we attain that healthy mind and healthy body, no disease can attack us and no virus can get entry into our body. When there is no illness and no worries or anxiety, nothing can make us feel sad. We will experience only love and goodness. We will find that just like the celestial world our world also is shining.


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