Good Manners In Children, How To Teach And Put Them Into Practice?

You must be clear that good manners go beyond saying please and thank you. It is about respecting and being courteous to others, to be part of society, achieve the proposed goals, and be able to lead a quiet and full life of good practices.

Teach good manners to children:

Experts say you are not born with manners, these should be taught. That is why children should have people who are responsible for explaining and teaching them rules of courtesy and behavior.

Tips for teaching children good manners and putting them into practice:

  • The first thing you should do is explain to the child the importance of having good manners. They must know why they should be respectful, cordial, helpful and so on.
  • You also have to explain the consequences of not having good manners. If possible, show him/her examples of people who have failed because of not having good manners.
  • The example is the best way to teach, that is why you must have good habits and put into practice every day what you want to teach the little one.
  • You must be patient to teach children about manners.
  • Explain how you are expected to act in certain situations.
  • You must make the child understand that manners are not an imposition, but that putting them into practice every day will give him many benefits in life, so he will apply them easily.
  • You have to be constant, every day you must remind him of the manners he must follow.

Implement good manners:

Going shopping becomes a perfect scenario to implement good manners, the phrases with please and thanks should be implemented in the conversations.

You can also see their reaction when they want something, they realize that not everything they want can have it, explain the situation and you will see how little by little they learn to behave properly in the face of this type of situation.

You can create a system of rewards. For example, a board where for every situation in which he behaves according to what you have taught him. He receives stickers or a happy face, and when he reaches a certain number he can receive something he wants.

When you go out to eat at a restaurant you can test it. However, it is important before leaving home, that you should behave properly and remind you of the basic rules such as sitting properly, eating with your mouth closed, not running, not screaming and the rest.

At home every day you must make your child comply with the rules and have good manners when he sits at the table to thank, ask permission to retire, greet, say goodbye and other things.

By putting this into practice daily, you will soon learn that this is the right way to behave inside and outside the home to be in harmony with society.

The easiest way to do these is by being a good role model for your child and setting an example for them to follow.


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