Here Is How To End Stress Triggering Anxiety

Pressure can affect our behaviour in many ways and knowing how to deal with it can make all the difference. Some people are more driven when they are pushed, especially within the workplace. But other unforeseen forms of pressure can hit us unexpectedly and can trigger irrational responses, especially anxiety.

In this era of uncertainty not all of us will have the security that we did before, some may have lost their job and others might be working two so that they can make ends meet. So now more than ever, it is vital that you can deal with pressure comfortably and in a controlled manner.



How can pressure manifest anxiety

Stress is one of the primary by-products of pressure and can induce many undesirable states of mind such as anxiety, panic attacks and insomnia. It is important to remember that your interpretation of the world is created in your mind and you will always have the power to change that for the better.

When you are under pressure and a stressful situation arises, you may feel yourself reacting negatively in the same way that you always have. Some people put off their problems and find that procrastinating helps them cope whilst others may feel anxious or irritable.

These responses are programmed, so you must remember that if you have taught yourself to react in such a way, you can always reject these negative thought patterns and create new ones that can assist you in overcoming pressure.

Minimising stress in your life is vitally important for your physical well-being too. The symptoms can range from the less harmful types such as blushing, tension and tiredness to more harmful manifestations like premature ageing and high blood pressure which are a result of long-term stress.

You will often find that it is the people who possess a negative outlook on life who are more prone to these symptoms of pressure. We all know someone who is a ‘born worrier’ or has the ‘glass is half empty’ personality as opposed to the more positive ‘glass is half full’ mentality.

People with a positive outlook on life will cope with stress and anxiety far better than those coming from a negative one, so it is therefore critical that you are able to cultivate a positive mindset.



Transmute stress& anxiety technique

Take a moment to think. Whenever a problem or stressful situation arises, do not immediately react negatively. Take a few slow, deep calming breaths and reframe from applying your judgement.

Look at the situation differently. Imagine you are stepping out of your body and viewing the situation from above. Remain detached from any emotion or judgement.

Relax. When you are calm and composed, take a few more deep breaths, and think about how the problem can be resolved. If it is not resolvable, start to think of things you can do to improve the situation. If nothing comes to mind straight away, affirm that your mind will find solutions when the time is right.

Take charge. Be proactive in dealing with the problem as best as you can at the time. The quicker that you deal with the problem, the quicker you can diffuse the incoming feeling of anxiety.

Learn. After dealing with the problem, imagine you are back in your body. Then ask yourself what you can learn from the situation. There is always a lesson to be learned from any difficulty we face in life.

This technique is a positive approach to dealing with stress and will help to keep your emotions under control when faced with difficulties. Make this a habit and you will soon find that you will begin to automatically respond more positively. You should aim to re-frame problems and see them as opportunities to help you learn.



Practice gratitude

Focusing on the negatives will not aid your anxiety levels. Many people are stuck in a rut because they are concentrating on things that they do not have, rather than being grateful for what they do. If you are healthy, be thankful that you can exercise and be mobile. If you have a healthy mind, body, and spirit, be thankful for your well-being and cherish the fact that you can practice meditation whenever you want.

There are many under privileged people that do not have your abilities and practising gratitude will help you to concentrate on the positive things in your life.



Re-frame your problems

Remember that if you do suffer from anxiety whilst under pressure, it has all been created in your mind. Sometimes just realising that can help you look at your problems from a different perspective.

Your reactions in the past may not have served you well and over time they may have become habit. It is important to learn to react differently in these situations so that you can have more control over your stress levels.

When you are next confronted with a problem and you feel pressured or stressed, just think to yourself, will this matter to me in a months’ time? Do last month’s problems seem like a big deal to you now?

You will see how insignificant things really are when you look at things through this perspective and it is something that you should consider thinking about when confronted with your next problem.


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