How Can Real People Meditate Properly?

Many people still feel meditation as an out-of-the-daily-life practice. With so many responsibilities and commitments of daily life, it might appear to be self indulgent for most people to sit down and meditate in one spot. However, when you keep it simple, it can let you meditate and have more clarity in your life. It can calm your soul and let you relax much better. Here is how ‘real’ or everyday people can meditate in real life.

Find a quiet space

A quiet and comfortable space is what you need, along with 10 minutes from your daily life and a timer. You can meditate in your bedroom or even in your car. There is no need for a fancy meditation room with a glossy hardwood floor. The Buddha did not need these.

Close your eyes

The eyes are one of the most important sense organs, and constantly send signals to your brain about images that are seen. When you close the eyes, you can reflect inwards much better. When you sit in a quiet room, your ears catch little or no sound to distract you during meditation.

Breathe properly

Take a deep breath. Allow air to slowly get inside through your nose and breathe out through your mouth. Breathe in a soft but regular way. Imagine yourself to be sitting beside a brook, or up above a hill with clouds floating around you. Focus on your breath.

Accept your thoughts

If various thoughts, memories and ideas rush through your mind, do not fight them. Accept them. Observe each idea as it arrives, like water flowing down a stream. Allow the ideas and thoughts to pass by. You may always turn back your focus to your own breath, or simply find your own thoughts floating by. In case you get fidgety or feel that you are not cut out for meditation, think about the benefits of having an open heart, soothed soul and a clear mind. Imagine what better things you could have done other than the usual activities, if you had not sat down for meditation.

Do not measure

Do not base the success of your meditation on the quality of your practice. You can experience something good even if you are not able to attain inner peace or are unable to see the light. You may get frustrated easily when you are trying to focus on having a fully blank mind during meditation. Rather, you have to concentrate on the benefits of sitting still in tranquillity for a few quiet moments. It is better not to set goals. Rather, embrace your mind with all the active thoughts that go on inside you.

Once your timer goes off and signals the end of time, open your eyes. Slowly stand up, have a good twist and stretch before getting back to your daily routine. As you get more and more comfortable with the process of meditation, you can increase the time. You may also join meditation classes in a local yoga studio and find out how it is done better.


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