How Jedi’s Meditation Is Similar To Real-World Meditation

Jedi Order, in the Star Wars, was an old order in the Galactic Republic. Holy Order of the Jedi Knights was an ancient associationof the guards who were the guardians of the peace. Jedi guards were the monastic peacekeeping missionaries in the republic, who depended heavily upon the force for the power.

The force was attained through the meditation in the Jedi Order. Meditation was shown as a mental technique which was practiced by the Force-Sensitive and Non-Force sensitive alike. Through meditation, the groups attempted to reach deeper state of thinking, and go beyond the reflexive thinking.

Meditation of the Jedi Order

Meditation within the Jedi order is equivalent to the attainment of complete control over oneself. One of the third pillars of the Jedi Order was to have the self-discipline without having any self-mastery. Jedi order practiced the meditation in order to enhance their control over their emotions and physical being in order to connect to the force in a better way.

Meditation chambers were created by the members of the Jedi Order in order to establish an environment which brought about a quiet, peaceful, conducive and serene environment for the deeper meditation.

Some individuals practiced meditation to be able to better connect with Force with the help of a meditation crystal. This meditation crystal was a rock that occurred naturally, and assisted in attaining the better meditation levels.

Jedi Meditation helps a practitioner to attain inner harmony, peace, serenity and understanding of the inner-self.

How Jedi Meditation is Similar to Real World Meditation?

Meditation in the real world is also a mental exercise, which allows a human being to attain better understanding of the inner self. Most meditators try to get near to the subconscious mind through meditation in order to listen to their inner voice, and bring about happiness and success in their lives. This way, meditators try to have “Power” which humans require to live a contented happy life. Jedi also meditate to have the power. In this way, Jedi Meditation is quite similar to the real world meditation.

  • Enhanced Reflex Power in Real Life

Everything in our world also has energy. Without energy, nothing would exist or remain alive in our world.Jedi Meditation helps us in increasing our forces energy in real life. Enhanced reflexes can be achieved through real-life meditation. We become more aware of our lives.

  • Energies and Mind Trick Power

This allows us to have the knowledge of every little detail of our lives. In doing so, we invoke different positive energies in ourselves. Jedi meditation practitioners also invoke energies in themselves. We feel the vibes of the people, and decide how their inner-being are. Thus, we may not mind trick the person but read his mind/self fully through practice of meditation.

  • Force Push Power in Real Life

You might not be able to Force Push things in real life like Jedi do. However, you will be better enabled to force push the distractions and obstacles that lay in your path towards the success. Thus, you may meditate like Jedi to force push obstacles.

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