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How To Avoid Excuses For Not Being Able To Do Meditation?

Meditation is the practice of sitting down still and focusing on something – a thought, emotion etc, and reflecting on it for some time. Studies show that the daily practice of meditation can have immense benefits for mental and physical health. However, not everybody likes to meditate or brings up excuses for not being able to do meditation every day. Here are some top excuses for inability to do meditation that can be resolved easily.

Not being able to sit still

Try to practice in group meditation, or lie down to meditate. You can also try to meditate on how you breathe, which can be done while sleeping, sitting or even while walking.

Not having the time to meditate

This is a common complaint. However, when you set aside even 10 minutes every day for meditation and sit down for the practice at the same time for even a week, you can be surprised at how much better you feel. You can set reminder on your alarm clock or mobile phone.

Lots of disruptions

Go to a place where you will not be disturbed spouse, kids or other people. Tell everybody firmly that you would like to be undisturbed for 10 – 15 minutes. Shut yourself in a room and hang a sign on the door that reads ‘Do Not Enter’.

Feeling too sick to meditate

You can meditate in any state of health, as meditation can be done even from bed.

Mind wanders too much

That is the exact reason why you should meditate every day. Rather than focusing on a specific thing, watch where your thoughts go. In time, and with practice, you can get more focus.

Meditation is not for me!

There are many benefits of meditation for the mind and body, and everybody can do it. Sit down to practice it every day, and with time you can be as still as the Buddha. Of course, it will not happen in a day.

It is too costly

You do not have to join any expensive meditation session to see the benefits. There is no need for fancy bells, candles, pillow, mat etc. All you need is a quiet spot and a comfortable place to sit in, along with some time. There is no need to spend anything at all, other than some time and a very small amount of energy.

Too scared to meditate

Unlike what you might read about yogis in the advanced stages of meditation, you will not begin to fly or get an ‘out-of-body experience’ soon after you sit down to meditate. If you sit comfortably, there will be no spasms, contortions or other physical problems either.

Fidgeting too much while sitting

Even if you are too fidgety, you can soon find your body entering the ‘rhythm’. When you sit down again and again every day, you can experience the small sensations moving through your body and have a beautiful sensation. You can be more at peace with yourself and enjoy a more beautiful and profound feeling.


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