How to cope with the coronavirus lockdown?

The world has currently come to a standstill due to the ever-increasing spread of the novel coronavirus that is otherwise also known as COVID 19. It has started in China and has spread to over 200 countries already. The world has almost come to a complete lockdown with businesses closing down. Public transport systems, international and domestic flights have also been cancelled and people are asked to stay indoors to contain the spread. It is the case with almost everyone around the world and no one is an exception apart from the healthcare professionals who are working tirelessly to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

As everyone would come to agree that people cannot be staying indoors doing anything all day. There can be a few hours spent watching television or playing games but not all the time. During this time, you can choose to use to take care of your fitness and calm yourself to be ready for the post-pandemic fiasco. Coping up with the coronavirus lockdown can be easier when you indulge in different things that can make you a better person. Here are a few things that you can choose to do in a bid to not just stay fit and healthy. It would not only keep boredom away but also be a de-stressing factor for your mind and body.


Indoor Games Including Physical Activity: Rather than sitting on the couch and watching television or playing video games you can choose physical games over it. If you have a backyard, garden or a lounge it can be used as a place where you can unwind and spend time with your family on some games. This can help the blood flow going to various parts of the body that you might otherwise be missing out on.


Yoga and Meditation: Many people do not understand the importance or the role that yoga and meditation can play in their health. Relaxing your mind and body with breathing exercises are part of yoga and meditation. You can choose to play mild music when you practice these things along with your family. In case you are not aware of the yoga practices that you can take up you can choose to use the internet to find more information with videos explaining how to go about it.


Indulging in Light Physical Exercise: During normal days you would not have had the time for physical exercise or time to hit the gym. However, during this time of lockdown, you can choose to spend time on these activities to help your body stay fit.


Family Bonding: This would have been something you have not done in years in your busy schedule. However, during this time of lockdown, you can start building the lost bond with your family and spending time on different activities. This can include cooking, cleaning the house, and many other things that you may have not done before as a family.


If you can do even a couple of the above-mentioned things you would be able to not just kill time during the COVID 19 or coronavirus lockdown but also keep yourself engaged.


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