How To Stop Ignoring And Start Turning Towards Your Problems

Do you dread problems? A significant part of everyday life is spent in trying to ignore issues, or not dealing with them. Procrastination is one of the ways people try to turn away from problems, and they end up pushing even key issues away. They do not pay bills on time, put off work until it becomes unmanageable and avoid exercising until the body puts on too many pounds and loses its shape. However, avoidance of problems does not work. These only worsen issues and what is avoided waits lying down the road. Here is how to turn towards the problems and address them one by one, on time.

Accept your problems

Accept the fact that as long as you are alive, you will have problems. When you accept that there will always be some problem or other in your life, you will be more level-headed and find ways to be as free of problems as possible.

Get bigger than issues

Those who are living well are not so affected by issues as those who are not having a good life. When you involve yourself into many things that provide you with entertainment, you can find your problems to be reducing in intensity and size. For example, if you have an entire box of cookies rather than one cookie, having one cookie getting spoiled somehow will not matter much in your life.

Plan for problems

This can be very useful in your life. When you live as if everything will go smoothly, you are likely to leave space for problems to bite you in the back. Try to determine as many problematic areas as possible in advance, so that you are not affected when they arise.

See the silver lining in your problems

Trust that you will evolve as a person when you solve a problem. Often, people have a personal growth or have a change in their attitudes when they deal with an issue. This is a good thing. There is a famous saying – What does not kill you, makes you stronger – and it holds true for everybody.

Ask for help

Try to look for some other person who knows how to fix the kind of problems that you are in. Involve them, either by hiring them or with entreaty or by appealing to their sense of kindness, love, humanity etc. This will help you to get out of your problems much faster. Try to build a network of do-gooders and helpful people ahead of time – such as friends, family members or acquaintances or even professionals – so that you can understand who to turn to when you face problems.

Compartmentalize the problem

Do not allow the problem to blow over into each and every aspect of your life. Treat it like a local injury, and deal with in the same way. When you address it right away and focus on other parts of your life in a normal way, you can immediately feel a sense of lightness. You can also be able to think concrete steps to address your problem and resolve it faster.


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