How To Use Facebook For Meditation Practice

Facebook is a social media tool that is used by millions of people around the globe. People mostly use Facebook to socialize with others and keep up with current events. What most people do not know is that you can use this social media tool to meditate. When you may feel like you are wasting your time scrolling down your Facebook page, there is a way that you can scroll and benefit at the same time.

How to use Facebook as a meditation tool

  1. Being mindful

One may ask themselves how one can be mindful on Facebook when it contains so much fakeness and social bullying. This is however not always the case. There is a way that you can use Facebook without having the need to judge what you see and getting angry, jealous or upset. One of the ways of doing this is making sure that you even out your breathing when going through posts. This will help to calm your mind and ensure that what you see does not affect your moods. One can also decide to be choosy on what they want to see and what they do not want to see. This will ensure that everything they read or see is what will positively affect their lives. The third thing would be to ensure that as much as what you are going through may be exciting, there is still a world around you and you should be mindful of what is going on around you.

  1. Compassion and love

There are multiple ways that you can show love on Facebook. Many pages have been created to help raise awareness of the suffering that is happening in some parts of the world. You can choose to go over these pages and learn about it, which will help build an empathetic character in you. You can also reach out to your friends once you notice that something could be wrong based on what they have posted. The other way of showing empathy is making sure that you are mindful of others. As much as everyone is entitled to a personal opinion, you should make sure that you do not make a comment that will hurt the self-image of anyone.

  1. Transform

Facebook can also help to transform you to become a better individual. This is achieved when you are able to transform your actual negative thoughts into high vibrations. For example, when someone posts something that is offensive, you can choose to transform your anger and use that feeling to understand why the person posted that.

  1. Self realization

Facebook can also help you realize the kind of person that you are. This can be achieved easily when you go through your posts and newsfeed. This is a time when your mind is focused on one place and you can take the concentration to ask yourself the real questions on who you are. Concentrating on both Facebook and deep inner questions will take time to master and practice but with time, it becomes easier.


Facebook is a tool that has wrongly been used in the past. We can however choose to change the narrative and make this social media tool a positive energy bringer. There are multiple ways that you can meditate using Facebook. This is to ensure that no matter where you are, you are still able to carry out some meditation to kick-start your day.


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