Let’s Debunk Three Common Myths On Happiness

Young or old, there are few happiness myths we all fall for. There are strong beliefs that achievements, wealth, jobs, kids and marriage can keep us happy forever. And, certain health conditions, financial issues and divorce can make us unhappy for a lifetime. Research reveals that there is no such thing as happily ever after. And, few theories that claim to make us happy can in fact make life miserable (especially in the long run). This article focuses on these three myths.

Some happiness theories are more-or-less traps. These traps mislead people and can change the way you see life. Most of the time, these theories on happiness cause anxiety, make you feel ashamed and even witness pain. So, stay cautious of these common happiness myths.

Is it a natural state of mind?

The first myth is very simple; it claims that happiness occurs naturally. If you are a human being, you are bound to be happy at some point of time. Well, this is not how the world works. The myth continues that people with adequate money, food, relationships and shelter would feel satisfied and happy all the time. You and I would strongly agree that this is not how things are!

Human beings are always on the go. There is a constant wave of change. This could be anything like change in emotions, lifestyle and wealth. This flow is natural and completely normal. For example, you will definitely feel stressed after a nearby threat. And, you will feel sad if something happens to someone near you. On the other hand, you are bound to feel overwhelmed when there is happy news round the corner. What is natural for human beings is to experience a variety of emotions and experiences. In life, the default state is not “happiness”.

It is not emotional all the time!

Theories claim that happiness is all about feeling good. Well, can you fell pleasant all the time? Certainly not! People believe that staying content and filled with pleasure as happiness. Unfortunately, you cannot have happiness all the time. It is not an everlasting state. That is because emotions don’t stay fixed. No matter how hard you try, emotions will change and you cannot stop it.

Let’s understand this with a real time example. Try to recollect the last time you felt excited and content. How long did this state of mind last? How long did your happiness last, before boredom, restlessness and other human emotions seeped in?

Are you defective, if you are sad?

The final myth is quite difficult to understand. People are tagged as defective when they feel sad. As mentioned previously, a person cannot stay happy forever. The world keeps throwing challenges at everyone. And, it is absolutely normal to feel low.

The human mind is very tricky. Most of the time, we are caught in a chain of emotions. Even when life is pleasant, it can be hard. That is why staying unhappy is not defective.

On the whole, life is all about living. You should accept everything it throws at you with a broad mind and a happy heart.


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