Meditation As A Journey To The Unknowable

Meditation is said to be one of the ways in which you can completely relax and let go of everything and set your mind free. Although it is practiced by many people there are only a few of them who have mastered the technique. It is not uncommon for people to get distracted while they choose to meditate. The stress, problems that we have faced in the past and the problems which are likely to come up in the future are some of the things that usually distract you when you try to meditate. Even people who have been meditating for years together tend to get distracted every now and then. So, in case you are a starter with meditation you would not have to worry when you are distracted. You can bring your thoughts back with some simple steps which can be followed regularly.

Below we take a look at a few things which you should be aware of to help you meditate better and obtain good results with meditation.


A look into conceptual reality:

What we perceive with what we look is commonly called as conceptual reality. Looking at a table which is something in front of you and calling it by a name is also a perceived thought. An object which is made of sharp edges and flat surfaces with supporting legs to it is called a table. However, these are also concepting that we perceive and the table is as such a collection of different types of objects and surfaces.


Getting into unadulterated and homogenous perception:

Only when we are able to let go of everything including conceptualization, we are capable of getting into unadulterated and homogenous perception. You should be able to come into a concept of not knowing. Not knowing is not to be called oneness as it is simply a concept. You should not be confused with oneness and not-knowing as only not-knowing could get you into a meditative state.


Experiencing not-knowing:

By being able to experience not-knowing you get into a non-conceptual association with the world. With the not-knowing experience your mind would constantly want to obtain a solution to know which is something you should let go of.

Letting go of yourself:

This is considered one of the most difficult things to do. Letting go of oneself and not-knowing you get into a meditative state. You may think of yourself as a person which is something you are not. To be able to let go of it is important to attain good results with meditation.


Knowing awareness:

You are not an entity that is aware but you are the awareness which you should begin to realize. Awareness has no separate entity but it is awareness itself. This is the holy place you can only be. You simply should be and not do anything or know anything. By being you, it is possible to attain a meditative state. If you choose to try to find solutions to the concepts you initially had then you lose this state of meditation and go back to conceptual reality.

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