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Meditation for Taking Better Parenting Decisions

Parenting decisions are something that can make or break the life of your child. Many people decide in a split-second without thinking whether it is a wise one or not! While taking decisions if you are not relaxed and wise you may not take the right one. When you are relaxed you will understand what the right thing to do is and how to guide your child. For taking better parenting decisions you should be relaxed and wise.

Meditation in a parenting decision

Decision making for your child is not an intellectual process; it is something that intuitive. Every parent has it and it’s that kind of emotional intelligence that makes you take the right decision for your child. If you meditate then you must have learned to live with uncertainty. It’s important because your life with your children is uncertain. They do not follow norms like adults. You do not know how your child is going to behave next! It’s not only about kids but even teenagers may behave in such a way that you will get perplexed.

With meditation, you are already used to face the unexpected and when it comes from your child you can stay cool. Normally, everyone expects their children to be cool, but if any wrong happens they cannot control their emotions. This is where a wrong decision may be taken, but not with a meditating mind. For any kind of decision making meditation is most important.

Meditating with children disruptions

If your children disrupt you while you are meditating don’t worry. You can start practicing it and when required stop it. Maybe for a few minutes or a few hours! Just pick it up where you left. You may think that how is it possible to leave meditation halfway. Tell me; is it good enough to practice it with half mind?

Your answer must be No!

Then, when you get disrupted by your child, give attention to them. When you can cool them down you can find that you can pick it up from where you left.

Dealing with hopes and fears of children

For every parent, their children are the main source of anxiety and at the same time their source of hope. You may think that you will maintain your compose but at times it may seem impossible. You have to face everything including tantrums and the success of your children. There may be many problems in your child’s life, be it fewer marks in a subject or a fight with their BFF. Listen to them, let them talk. Once they feel free to talk to you they will be relieved. Even you too will know how to handle the situation.

Be okay with anything if your child is trying to figure out. Be a source of reassurance to them that they can overcome anything and everything in life. However, do not let them be overconfident. Stay beside them like a solid rock for every decision that they take. You may not like all of them, but do not impose yours. You may suggest to them but can’t put them into it, especially when they grow up. If required, plan for the best to do to them when they fail. It will help them grow.


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