Meditation To Feel Better

Times come when you do not feel good, rather you feel crap! When you feel that everything around you seems dull and you feel tired, sad and sometimes may get depressed too!

In such situations something that might help you most is doing meditation. You may not be in a mood to meditate but if you can do that you will find a change in your mood gradually. The moment you settle down for meditating you will find that your heart is heavy and your attitude is mainly resisting you to calm down. Forget everything and try to focus on the darkness that is covering your mind.

Meditation is not just a process of breathing in and breathing out, it helps your mind to practice what it cannot do normally. While meditating, tell yourself that it’s going to be alright and you can face everything. This way you are giving assurance to your mind and you can feel better

Tell yourself, Its OK

Your mind needs assurance that everything around you is on the right path. While meditating you can calm down your nerves, but they require reassurance that is what is provided by those two words. “It’s OK…”

These words will tell you that you are on the right track thinking. How? If you touch something warm, don’t you feel the warmth? If you touch a thorns point you will feel the pain, similarly when you are telling your mind again and again everything is going to be alright, you too will find that things will change.

There will be pain but you simply cannot ignore that pain. You must remember that you can resist pain but will that do something good? It may even increase your pain more! Then what can you do? Think and feel right then what is the feeling that is making you feel like that?

Feel right then

You must remember that what you feel is at that moment, with time your feelings changes. You must remember those feelings when you were betrayed! Or those feelings must have been tough when you found your best friend cheating on you! Those days with money problems had also brought about pains, but haven’t you overcome them?

Actually feelings are something that you feel at that moment, with time they subsidise. What you have to learn is handling those pains when it is most important. There are no such feelings that are final. Even the most happiest moment of your life have passed away thus you can also get above the pain that you are having now, but what is most important is to handle the situation in such a way that you are able to cope with the pain now. Meditation will help you do that!

There are different mantras that can be recited while you are meditating and maybe you will not feel the best at that moment but with time you will find that everything is easier to overcome.


If you need some guidance on self affirming, be sure to check the video below


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