Mindful Listening – A Radical Act Of Love

When we find that we were truly seen and heard by somebody, we feel happy and elevated. We come to the conclusion that there is someone who cares us and gives value to what we speak. When we talk to that kind of a person we feel calm and relaxed and we experience mental fulfillment. When somebody focus 100% attention on us we feel as if that person is conveying that I am listening to what you say, I am here for you and I care you as well as your words. Having that kind of attentiveness from the listener is indeed a great experience. But, do we get that attention always? Certainly not. And in these days this kind of attentiveness is too rare.

We act as listeners

Actually, what we do while listening to somebody? We are physically present there, but most of the time not mentally present. We may be hearing what he says, but truly we will not be listening to him. We only act as listeners. We will be thinking in our minds about various other things. Instead of listening to the speaker completely, we analyze his statements to decide whether we should agree or disagree. We think how to argue with him. If we get a chance we interrupt or try to register our opinions instead of listening to him truly. We often behave in this way when we listen to people who are very close to us.

Practicing mindful listening

Mindful listening is a very powerful practice and it is very simple also to practice mindful listening. Human beings have immense opportunities to practice mindful listening because they are social creatures who always talk to each other. It is very easy to exercise mindful listening. When we meet a friend or a colleague or a loved-one, he will invariable start telling us about something. We should see to it that we give him our true, undisturbed attention. We should really listen to what the other person says. He should feel that he has one person in us who really sees him and listens his words. Just like meditation, we should ensure that our mind is focused fully on what he says and should not deviate for wandering or judging. When we feel that our mind is deviating we should bring it back to the true listening process. When the other person finds a true listener in you he will be happy and will appreciate your attentiveness. Moreover, he will reciprocate the same true attentiveness when you speak in front of him.

The greatest gift

In this world where we live, disconnections and distractions are very common. Mindful listening is the most effective remedy to this problem. Today, your true attention will be the greatest gift that you can give to those whom you come across in your day-to-day life. Today, people crave for mindful listening because mindful listening is the reflection of true love.  True love is a rare commodity in today’s world. When you offer mindful listening to others, in return you receive genuine connection, authentic relationship and true, pure love. Hence, mindful listening is indeed a radical act of love.

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