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Negative Impact Of Not Feeling Your Feelings

There are people who are scared of their feelings. They avoid feeling their feelings because they are not aware of the negative impact of suppressing their feelings altogether. They never express their anger for the fear that they will be shamed or rejected by others. They never express their disappointment because they fear that others will think that they are ungrateful. They never ask for what they want because they never want to act as greedy. They are afraid to disagree with others because they may land in trouble. They suppress their frustration because they fear that it is shameful behavior. They never express their happiness because they fear that it may be annoying for others. In general, they believe that it is unsafe and wrong to feel their feelings. They firmly believe that it is forbidden and shameful to feel their feelings. Ultimately they suppress all their feelings, avoid them, hide them and remain afraid of their feelings. They try to hide their feelings because they believe that those feelings are their problems.

Your feelings make you human

As a result of suppressing their feelings for years together, one day they realize that they had been living a boring and bleak life. They realize that all these years they were not living but, just leading a lifeless life. They never had fun, happiness, comfort, adventure, enjoyment or excitement in their life so far. The life they had been living was very hard. Now they realize that their feelings were not their problems and their feelings never made them insane. In fact, their feelings made them human.

Neither suppress your feelings nor selectively numb the feelings

When people try to suppress their feelings, they are deprived of the opportunity to experience the richness of life. It is also wrong to selectively numb the feelings. One has to feel all his/her feelings. One feeling will be displaced by another feeling and it will be more powerful and destructive unless controlled or avoided. Every time when a feeling which was not tolerated earlier arises, we come under the grip of anxiety. Then we suppress the feeling and avoid feeling it. Consequently, that feeling gets displaced by another feeling which we feel can be expressed and felt. However, it is not a positive development. The new feeling is likely to be severe and we may have fearful attacks when we try to express our frustration. Instead of dealing the people who show disrespect towards us, we get depressed and more frustrated. We desperately want to hide that we are alone and have no support and for that we may explode in a rage. When we wrongly believe that our depression is the problem which is to be solved we fail to focus on the actual cause. Ultimately, we are unable to solve the problem.

Feel your feelings and have the human experience

When we want to deal with our issues, it is very important to identify those of our feelings that are shame-bound and reconnect with them in proper ways. This is in fact a process of going against a conditioned life period. Hence we must be gentle as well as honest with ourselves. If we complete the process successfully, we can make all our feelings free of shame-binding and we will realize that our feelings are not problems and that by way of feeling our feelings we get the human experience which is something special.


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