New beginnings 2020 Here We Come

A New Year starts with a lot of hopes and most of us take resolutions for achieving goals in our life. We plan everything in the month of January and try something different. Fitness is the most important thing that plays a key role in our lives because it helps to live a healthy life. On the other hand, many of us will only talk about fitness and don’t engage in physical activities. It is not too late and at least we can focus on traveling on the right path by practicing yoga poses.

Why should we practice yoga?

Our lifestyle is changing today and a majority of us don’t give preference to exercises. We spend more time in our offices that cause high stress levels which affect the quality of life to a large extent. A research study reveals that working continually long hours will impact our mental and physical health. Therefore, we should start practice yoga that can help live a problem less life. This is because yoga provides opportunities for purifying our soul with a combination of postures. Moreover, it allows us to prevent our brain from negative thinking and other problems.

Is it easy to perform yoga?

Yoga includes both simple and hard poses that will benefit us in many ways. On the other hand, it is necessary to start with basics that can help proceed further step by step. Yoga also covers breathing techniques that allow us to relax the body. However, there are some set of poses that provide significant benefits to us. These poses are very easy to perform anywhere in a home that makes us to feel better. In fact, they allow a person to maintain his/her energy levels throughout a day.

What are the new yoga sequences?

One can try the below mentioned yoga sequences that can ultimately help to make him/her fit. Apart from that, they provide methods to focus more on health to obtain optimal results.

  • Child pose- Balasana
  • Dolphin pose
  • Cat/cow pose
  • Crescent moon pose
  • Revolved side angle pose

Those who want to know more about them can get details from a nearby yoga center that gives ways to experience the desired outcomes. It is possible to learn yoga poses from YouTube videos enabling person to perform them with ease. Practising above yoga postures will help to relax both the body and mind enabling a person to live a problem less life.

What are the advantages of new yoga sequences?

The new yoga sequences let us strengthen our legs, shoulders, arms, and trunk. They even show ways to massage the abdominal organs and promote the digestive system effectively to avoid unwanted problems. Many of us face back pains, headaches, and ankle pains very often that can lead to several discomforts. Performing new yoga postures will ultimately help reduce them with high success rates. In addition, they pave ways to increase the flexibility of spines and other parts of the body to live a healthy life. At the same time, they are not advisable for those who are having high blood pressure and other health issues.


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