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Meditation Practices For Healthy Living

Introduction Meditation refers to the practice where one turns their attention to a particular point of reference and may involve focusing on one’s breath, on the sensations of the body or even on a word or phrase called mantra. In doing this, you hinge away from any thoughts or feelings that may be a distraction and concentrating on the existing ...

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How Joy Can Benefit You In Both Body And Mental Health

Joy is very important in the life of any person, especially when it comes to the different parameters of health such as the body as well as the mind. Body and mental health is instrumental in managing life and life related situations as it puts you in the best position to make decisions and come up with solutions. It also ...

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The Science Behind Meditation And Its Benefits.

Physical activity sure has its rewards, but mentally exercising has also proven to be a win short-term and long-term. Anxiety and stress take a heavy toll on the mind and can inhibit optimum performance. Both are known to be associated with mental illnesses and interferes with one’s daily activities. Stress induces anxiety which could later result in a mental health ...

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Meditation: The Untapped Goldmine for Anxiety Management

Anxiety is an emotional disorder that manifests itself in a feeling of insecurity. Anxiety is characterized by a feeling of apprehension, tension, uneasiness, terror in the face of a danger of indeterminate nature. It is often expressed by the patient as nervousness or worry. Normal anxiety is the experience that each of us has experienced: fear before an examination, anxiety for the ...

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How Music Helps Cure Anxiety

Anxiety is a nerve disorder that is increasingly present in our society and it causes fear, nervousness and even sometimes, in its extreme version, panic. Anxiety is a normal sensation when we are worried or anxious, but it can become chronic. Indeed, when one is anxious, one feels a feeling of insecurity, an apprehension, even of the terror caused by a situation ...

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Acupuncture: A Natural Panacea for Anxiety Treatment

All humans irrespective of gender feels anxious from time to time whether it is an event like standing before a mammoth crowd to give a valedictory speech, standing before one’s superior, moving to a new city or even meeting new people. In these cases, anxiety is normal when it falls within the range of mild anxiety but the moment it ...

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Relieving Anxiety And Stress Through Meditation Music

Meditation music is an invaluable aid to sufferers of anxiety and stress. Stress and anxiety is so common, it is found in every five out of ten people. It renders those who suffer with an immense struggle with their thoughts. The stress and anxiety leave a deep mark of sadness and hopelessness. As a result, even a pleasant surrounding can ...

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Why is My Anxiety and Depression Worse in the Mornings?

Why is my anxiety & depression worse in the mornings

It’s all happened to us at one point or another – your alarm goes off on the morning of a big interview or test, and your heart is already racing just thinking about the day ahead. Morning anxiety is pretty common, especially in our high-stress modern lives, but it affects some people more than others. One of my childhood friends ...

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15 Best Guided Meditation for Anxiety on Youtube

Best Guided Meditation Anxiety Youtube

Guided meditation is an effective approach to manage anxiety. I have identified 15 best guided meditation for anxiety videos on Youtube. These videos have proven to be effective when it comes to obtaining relief from anxiety attacks. Let me know which of these sessions you are drawn towards and have an impact for you. I have decided to relook at ...

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