Reflect On These Meditation During Quarantine

After listening to the order of my Government I too decided to quarantine myself, to ensure that I am safe and along with that I do not risk life of others! I know this story is not only mines but of many others!

I love solitude but what I am experiencing now is something different from the normal situation! Yes, things are abnormal now when you can see someone in front of you but need to maintain distance, social distancing! When things are not in our hand it is best to accept them and do things that will help us stay calm.

Meditation is good and with it you can energize yourself and also send signals for peace of others. Here are three such ways by which you can feel good during this tough situation.

Surf Life’s Waves with an Unshakable Center

Life is a beautiful journey, but just the way night comes after day, there are up and down and life too! If you want to make sure that every time you will be happy, you cannot be. There are no coins in this world that has same imprint on both sides. Life too comes with happiness and pain. When you are happy remember that sadness may be coming just after it, be ready to embrace it too.

Open yourself to every experience that comes your way. If you fall, don’t feel bad, but get up and start walking. There lies the magic of living, you should keep walking, don’t stop because things are not going as you wish. Master your life experience and you will find that sorrow, anger, joy are all part of it and you love to live with them.

Solitude Teaches Us Connection

Solitude is something that is lone to one and cannot be shared with anyone else. When we feel lonely we understand the importance of others around us. It makes us feel the warmth of relationship. We all are lonely and once you understand it you will get the strength to bear it.

When you watch a tree during winter you feel its emptiness. Similarly when you are in solitude you understand what you are missing. You can understand the importance of connection. If you can practice solitude you will find that simple criticism cannot shake you and you are a better person, within yourself.

Live with a Grateful Heart

Do you thank God every day because He has given you those things that have helped you spend a day of your life? This is gratitude. Even if you do not feel the same for everyone you can start developing it.

You should be thankful to people out there for whatever contribution they are doing in your life. When you are doing that you feel the peace within. Your dissatisfactions will be gone if you can find out simple giving in everyone. You will find that life is beautiful and every person out there has played a role in making it so. Gratitude is that alchemy that can really change your perspective towards life and of course make it beautiful.


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