Selected Ways To Ensure Protection From The Corona Virus Covid-19

All are talking about the same topic – Corona. The need of the hour is to stall spreading of the virus. Every day more number of people are getting infected and in countries like Italy, Spain and Iran the extent of casualty is shocking. It is now the responsibility of each individual to ensure self-protection as well as safety of others. Those who are suspected as infected or tested positive for corona virus are required to be in strict isolation or quarantine and others have to find out ways to social distancing which is considered as a preventive health measure. Yoga and meditation has come to the fore as a result of this present global health crisis. Those who are in isolation can come out of the anxiety by way of practicing yoga and meditation regularly. Social distancing is indeed an effective method to prevent community transmission of the Corona virus. Here are a few methods for those who want to ensure protection from Corona. Apart from that, these selected activities will enable people to make them busy and active and ultimately they can stay occupied. These methods assure great relief from isolation anxiety.


By way of practicing meditation, one can focus his mind and can get rid of distractions. Those who are new to meditation can also meditate regularly without hesitation and can experience the great benefits.

Physical workouts and Yoga

Exercises keep a person healthy – physically and mentally. Those who practice yoga regularly can protect themselves from the virus. Those who remain inside their homes can make it a practice to walk for some time daily without mingling with others.

Stop spending too much of your time online

Today most of the people are under the grip of either isolation anxiety or fear of getting infected with the deadly virus. The social media websites have become platforms to spread rumors and people who go through the pages of such websites are developing more anxiety or are getting more panic. Hence it is all the more important to keep away from such websites and spend your time usefully and constructively.

Get engaged with your favorite hobby

When you concentrate your attention on a task which you enjoy, your mind gets relief from the anxiety and consequently you become cheerful.

Record your gratitude

When one is in isolation he/she should keep the mind calm and centered. Every day, you may recollect your past and identify a friend, relative, neighbor, colleague, a pet animal or anybody else to whom you are thankful. Write the name of that person in a book and briefly describe the incident that made you indebted to him/her.

Do cooking and try new recipes

Those who cook food daily in their kitchen may sometimes feel it as an intimidating task among their many other activities. But, for those who are in isolation, cooking will be the best solution to boredom and also they can taste their favorite dishes without depending on others.

Read aloud

When you suffer due to anxiety or fear your mind craves to express loudly. You may collect some reading material and read out the content loud. You will get instant relief from the anxiety and fear.

Have a refreshing bath

When your body is clean you feel fresh and will be able to think positively. When you are alone or sitting idly in your home, take a refreshing bath using your favorite soaps, salts and oils. Cleaning the body is also an effective method to prevent infection.

Learn something online

You may get enrolled for an interesting online class which will enable you to gather a lot of useful information or to develop some new skills.

Watch TV

One should not get addicted to TV. However, you can be free from your anxiety and worries for a couple of hours if you watch some interesting programs like a thriller movie, live discussions on a current topic or a sports program.


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