Stay Open If You Want A Fulfilling Loving Relationship

Meditation enables us to bring harmony, love, joy, balance and peace into our life. When we meditate regularly we are able to get rid of the tension, stress, fear and confusion that accompanied us when we were at the crossroads. When we are out of fear and tension our life becomes peaceful as well as calm. Meditation makes us to be aware of our own source. We realize spontaneously that we have choices and that we can exercise the choices spontaneously. Meditation helps us to bring harmony, love and happiness back in to our life and during the process we rediscover our unconditioned self. The unconditioned self is always there and it will never be lost. Everyone craves for love and wishes to be in love. But, it is not so easy to experience love. Each one of us crave for a love relationship that is fulfilling but, many of us are not successful. Here are a few tips for you which you will find useful to ensure a long, enjoyable and fulfilling love relationship.

Beware of the fact that pain is a temporary aspect of your energy

You must learn to relax when you are gripped by pain. Once you start to experience the pain you identify the source of that painful experience. You keep watching the source of pain and let it pass through you. You imagine that the pain subsides and you are relaxing. When you experience the pain your inner energy gets disturbed. But when you keep yourself away from the disturbances you will feel that the pain reduces. Slowly, gradually you may open up your energy to facilitate free flow of love.

Don’t close your heart

When there is pain let it pass through and gradually you will get relief. You will have the temptation to avoid the pain. But, ignore that temptation and never try to avoid pain. You may get the flash back of the frustration, disappointment and pain that you had in the past. You will be tempted to close heart. Never listen to the voice that tells you that you must protect yourself from the great pain. But, for such temporary relief you will have to pay a very high price. Just by closing your mind you cannot achieve lasting comfort and happiness.

Never try to avoid pain

The pain that you experience comes from your heart. The severe pain occurs deep inside your heart. You will be trying in different ways to avoid the pain. But when you try to avoid pain the natural flow of energy ceases. Just by trying to push away the pain, you will not be able to make it get through. Instead, the pain gets locked inside. Your life still continues and you continue your fight to control the pain. Your fear also becomes more intense. In fact, you wanted to live your life. But, when you keep on fighting your life you become unable to live your life. Ultimately you become afraid of life itself.

Beware of your inner energy for which there is no limit

Believe that there is a great amount of natural energy within you. This is a real form of energy and it never came from food or sleep. This energy is readily available at any point of time and you can make use of this energy whenever required. When you are filled with the inner energy you gain the confidence to take on the world. Inner energy is real and not tangible. Inner energy is limitless and is accessible always. Once you realize that you are filled with inner energy ensure that the energy keeps flowing.

Keep your heart open

Fear and love oppose each other. Most often changes are uncomfortable but, without change there will be no expansion. Irrespective of all those changes you be friendly with your whole life. When you keep your heart open, you get more amount of energy and more love will flow through your life. Only if you shed fear you can enjoy peace, joy, love and beauty.

When you meditate you are relieved from stress. Meditation facilitates everlasting, natural flow of inner energy.


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