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Steps To Increase Self-Empathy And Self-Kindness

While most people are aware of it, they do not practice self-empathy in their life. It’s not only you but most people lack practicing self-empathy. They feel that empathy is something that is for others and not for themselves. The results can have devastating effect on you. When you are depressed you may try to self-blame yourself that you want ...

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Growing In the Dark: Why Negative Feelings Matters

Everybody needs a mind that is positive but do you have any idea that while growing in the dark too you can cultivate a positive mind? There are many personalities out there who have shown that they have changed their life even though they had grown up in the dark. Everything around them was negative and because this negativity was ...

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How Negative Emotions Can Harm Others Around You

Negative emotions are something that not only affects your physical and mental health but also have a curse on those around you. You may not feel but when you are emotionally negative you put an impact on those who love you, those who are there beside you. The impact of negative emotions are always bad and on someone who has ...

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