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How To Overcome Social Anxiety And Fear Of Public Speaking

Social anxiety and fear of public speaking is a common disorder faced by many. People suffering from it can experience anxiety, fears, embarrassment, etc. during public speaking. Most people generally try to avoid such situations instead of confronting their apprehensions and overcoming them. It can cause them lot of damage on both professional and personal fronts. Some of the salient ...

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Signs That Need Therapy Treatment

In the modern world, everyone experiences stress and other problems which affect their life to a great extent. The mental health problems need special attention to reduce unwanted problems. Another thing is that it will help to recover from anxiety, depression, and other issues which can help to accomplish goals in life. Anyone who suffers from psychological problems should keep ...

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How can Meditation Fix Fear of Flying?

The fear of flying, which is also referred to as ‘Airplane Anxiety’ is more common than you might think. This kind of tension generally manifests itself in not just one particular area, but many different areas. This type of anxiety results from the fact that the state of flying is unnatural to human beings. Thus, humans feel vulnerable while trying ...

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How Negative Emotions Can Harm Others Around You

Negative emotions are something that not only affects your physical and mental health but also have a curse on those around you. You may not feel but when you are emotionally negative you put an impact on those who love you, those who are there beside you. The impact of negative emotions are always bad and on someone who has ...

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Meditation: The Untapped Goldmine for Anxiety Management

Anxiety is an emotional disorder that manifests itself in a feeling of insecurity. Anxiety is characterized by a feeling of apprehension, tension, uneasiness, terror in the face of a danger of indeterminate nature. It is often expressed by the patient as nervousness or worry. Normal anxiety is the experience that each of us has experienced: fear before an examination, anxiety for the ...

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How Music Helps Cure Anxiety

Anxiety is a nerve disorder that is increasingly present in our society and it causes fear, nervousness and even sometimes, in its extreme version, panic. Anxiety is a normal sensation when we are worried or anxious, but it can become chronic. Indeed, when one is anxious, one feels a feeling of insecurity, an apprehension, even of the terror caused by a situation ...

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Why is My Anxiety and Depression Worse in the Mornings?

Why is my anxiety & depression worse in the mornings

It’s all happened to us at one point or another – your alarm goes off on the morning of a big interview or test, and your heart is already racing just thinking about the day ahead. Morning anxiety is pretty common, especially in our high-stress modern lives, but it affects some people more than others. One of my childhood friends ...

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14 Best Guided Meditation for Anxiety on Youtube

Best Guided Meditation Anxiety Youtube

Guided meditation is an effective approach to manage anxiety. I have identified 15 best guided meditation for anxiety videos on Youtube. These videos have proven to be effective when it comes to obtaining relief from anxiety attacks. Let me know which of these sessions you are drawn towards and have an impact for you. I have decided to relook at ...

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Baby Separation Anxiety – 11 easy ways to deal

Baby Separation Anxiety

You thought that pregnancy was the most difficult time of your life, didn’t you? Well, now that the baby is here, you will have some more areas of concern. One that we will talk about today is Baby Separation Anxiety. Let’s get in to this article then, shall we: Your baby is special just like all mothers consider their babies ...

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