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Music Is The Ideal Aid For Treating Anxiety. Here’s How!

Hardly will you find any soul on planet earth who doesn’t love music. This goes a long way to seal the maxim that “music is food for the soul.” Most often than not, the sound and rhythm of music have a way of causing you to sway. But beyond swaying, music has an integral part to play when it comes ...

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Mindfulness Practices To Help You During Self Quarantine

The world is facing a crisis and in this situation it is obvious that all of us are tensed. Home Quarantine, social distancing are the keywords now. You need to stay home for most of the time and make sure that look out for any symptoms! Under such circumstances stress is must and to overcome it you need to try ...

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Meditation Strengthens Your Relationship

Sometimes, your routine can get busier and you get occupied with lots of work. You end up doing copious amount of work at the cost of your partner. You do not want to ignore your partner, but you have to. You cannot work to mend the damage done by your absence, but you have to work for attaining your work ...

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Easing Pain With Mindfulness Meditation Effectively

Falling In Depression Some unexpected moments of life leave a baggage of grievances, hopelessness, fear, complexities and complications that are irreparable. Pain builds up in breathes we take, pain feels in the moments we spend, pain starts to weigh our existence down and procures itself around us in our surroundings. Mental Injury Cannot Be Seen When we are injured physically, ...

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Meditation Practices As Stress Management

Developing effective meditation practices is important in the life of an individual. A good meditation practice must always start with finding the practice and the location that works best for you because this may not be the same for everyone else. Many forms of meditation exist some of which can be done individually whereas others require the guidance of a ...

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Relieving Anxiety And Stress Through Meditation Music

Meditation music is an invaluable aid to sufferers of anxiety and stress. Stress and anxiety is so common, it is found in every five out of ten people. It renders those who suffer with an immense struggle with their thoughts. The stress and anxiety leave a deep mark of sadness and hopelessness. As a result, even a pleasant surrounding can ...

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14 Best Guided Meditation for Anxiety on Youtube

Best Guided Meditation Anxiety Youtube

Guided meditation is an effective approach to manage anxiety. I have identified 15 best guided meditation for anxiety videos on Youtube. These videos have proven to be effective when it comes to obtaining relief from anxiety attacks. Let me know which of these sessions you are drawn towards and have an impact for you. I have decided to relook at ...

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Anxiety Meditation: A Simple, Effective Way to Ease Stress

Anxiety Meditation

People work longer hours, take fewer holidays, and retire later nowadays. It is no wonder that individuals are increasingly stressed-out. We have a bad habit of dealing with the resulting anxiety in unhealthy methods. We over-eat and drink excessive to pretend we are in control. However, nothing could be further from the fact. In this short post, we will describe Anxiety Meditation as a ...

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