The Best Practical Approaches To Appreciating The Present Moment

When it comes to living in the present and appreciating the present moment, the common saying “stop and smell the roses” seems to be a perfect maxim that nails it all. By this, the saying doesn’t literally mean stopping to smell some rose flowers. Instead, it means making concerted effort to always live in the present moment, and appreciating the least things around you.


So, in your case, do you ever make out time where you stop and smell the roses?


Well, you may not have given this a thought long before now. Reasons being that the human mind is super engaged with lots of thoughts and activities, that we tend to forget the need to appreciate the beautiful and amazing things we enjoy in our lives on a daily basis. So, in case you have been caught up in the web of working so hard to secure a better tomorrow, and forgetting about the little things that matters today, here are some simple and practical steps you can adopt for living in the now, and appreciating the present moment.




  1. Love and Accept Your Current State of Being

Appreciating the present moment is something that can only start from within yourself. Once you can see yourself as a priceless gift to humanity, you will be able to appreciate your current state and moment irrespective of how challenging it may seem at the moment. More so, acknowledging the fact that the present moment is a gift you should be thankful for is also a cheat sheet to stay happier at the present moment and all the time.


  1. Create and have a Mini-gratitude list

Another important way of appreciating the present moment is adopting gratitude as an inherent trait. By this, you can make it a point of duty to reflect on the past couple of hours and identifying some events and memories that can make you happy. Sure, doing this is a way of staying happier, which can make you healthier, and consequently lead to living longer.


  1. Take Some Minutes Outside and Unplugged

Spending some time outside away from your digital devices is another amazing way to appreciate the present moment. Doing this will give you the opportunity to observe the tiniest details such as the birds, flowers, tress, and even the smallest creatures around your environment. Frankly speaking, watching these beautiful creatures go on doing their thing with a great level of joy untold, is a good way to feel peaceful, calm, and to appreciate your present moment.


  1. Practice Loving Kindness Meditation

Meditation has earned a noble reputable as an age-long practice that brings complete bliss, peace, happiness, with an overall reduction in stress level. Carving out some moment for different types of meditation practice such as loving kindness meditation is a perfect way to boost your level of mindfulness with an increased hope about your purpose in life. With this, you can tell that you are already appreciating your present moment as well as being hopeful of the years to come.


  1. Adopt an Attitude of Gratitude

Although the last on this post, an attitude of gratitude is in no way the least way of appreciating the present moment. Frank speaking, exhibiting an attitude of gratitude, either towards the people or things around you, and even towards yourself, is an amazing way to express how much you cherish yourself, others and the things around you. Once this becomes an inherent trait in you, it will be a breeze appreciating your present moment since you’ve already created a conducive atmosphere of friendliness, love and happiness within and without yourself.




Take Away

Appreciating the present moment is a virtue that is worth emulating. Doing so brings true happiness, hope, builds strong bonds of love between yourself, others and the things around you. Some simple and practical approaches to appreciating the present moment include; making out some time to meditate, loving and appreciating your current status, expressing gratitude towards others and even taking some time outside and unplugged.


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