The Dire Consequences Of Overthinking

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We are dying to think too much. We are slowly killing ourselves for thinking about everything. Here we will learn about the dire consequences of overthinking and how do we stop it?

Do we think or experiment?

We spend much more time thinking than living. We cannot avoid it. We are so used to most of our daily activities that we can execute them automatically, without paying attention to them.

Preparing coffee, showering, driving, eating – none of these habits is the least effort for our brain, so we can abstract ourselves in our thoughts and ideas as we perform them.

And what do we think about?

We often imagine the future: We organize the things we have to do during the day or plan our plans in the short, medium and long term like when I finish taking a shower I have to prepare breakfast, get dressed and run away for the work so as not to miss the bus.

We also relive the past: We think about what we have done over the weekend, we remember that discussion we had with our partner or we tortured ourselves for the mistakes we made a long time ago.

The dire consequences of thinking too much:

Do you have a hard time enduring irrelevant conversations? Are you constantly undecided? Do you have trouble falling asleep? Do you look closely at the details?

They are symptoms that you are spending too much time in the tangle of ideas in your head. It is not bad that you are a thoughtful person, but keep in mind that reality is outside our thinking. And while we think and build ideas we do not see it. We only imagine it – we tell ourselves a story about it so we can understand it and feel that we control it.

With the idea in mind, you will not make any effort to get closer to that person. It is more surely you are distant and suspicious, so if at some point he comes to see you, perhaps he thinks that it is you who does not want to know anything about him.

How do we stop it?

If you recognize yourself as a person who thinks too much, it is likely that you are also very hesitant, that you depend on the opinion of others or that it is difficult for you to deal with many of the people you know. Here are some tips that may help you deal with the weight of such a tormented head.

Set limits: When you have to make a decision, set a time limit. One minute if it is not important, one hour or one day if it is more relevant, otherwise you will only continue recreating yourself about details that you do not know and that do not take you anywhere.

Keep your emotions in mind: Feelings are the best guide we can follow at any time. When we don’t know what we want, it’s because our brain is lost, weighing possibilities.

Do not try to control: Let yourself go. Things are unpredictable, and trying to direct them doesn’t get you anywhere. Turning something around for hours is an obsessive way of trying to control things to avoid making mistakes but the truth is that you are going to make them equally – no matter how many laps you’ve taken before.

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