My First Meditation Experience (You Won’t believe What I Experienced!)

I always thought that meditation was not my thing. And it is needed for the older people and the mentally unwell ones. But somehow, I took the class of doing meditation, and all the notions are evaporated. It made me a new person with so much peace and liveliness.

The teacher who taught the meditation seems to be happy, and I could witness what meditation could do for the people. I knew to get this type of calmness and peace I saw on the teacher’s face is worth trying. I attended the meditation practice class with the other same-minded people. There I realized that many young people are also looking more charming and fit. Since I was sceptical about the mediation and its benefit just wanted to try once.

Well, so I gave a try and started meditating. I am the kind of person who doesn’t even have the experience of sitting quietly for two minutes and leave about controlling the mind for ten seconds.

Yes, I knew that in a day, nothing would change, and it doesn’t. But I never expected the experience of calmness and peace it gave me in the first time itself.

To begin with, my teacher or Guru taught me a mantra or chant, and uttering those lines gave some different vibrations in my body. Later I came to know that mantra is not a thing to praise God or praying God. It is the systematic adjustments of sound that create different vibrations in our bodies. Science also says that every activity contains waves. The right kind of vibrations in our body triggers specific nerves and helps to get them activated. Yoga and meditation are now becoming the primary activity of successful people because of its enormous benefits.

So, the chanting of the mantra made it easier to control the ever-wandering mind. But after that, I asked to observe my breath without heeding to the thoughts that pour in our mind. Yes, it is the hardest thing for me. The more you try not to think anything, the harder it becomes more. But my instructions were clear; all i needed to do is just keep the eyes closed and try to concentrate on my breath.

But the thing is I am getting too many thoughts if I control one another idea would pop up and so on. But I tried my best to avoid it, and lastly, somehow i managed to concentrate a bit. After I opened my eyes and yes, it was the most excellent feeling inside my body. I was feeling calm and relaxed. And the best thing is I was happy.

Then I understood the simple thing in my life. That is to be happy you need not have a lot of money or property. That moment I got to know that happiness and peacefulness is our choice. It comes inside me and not from other materials. Thus I realized whatever I knew until that day was a big lie. I realized whatever I thought about happiness and peace, it is wrong. After that, I am doing meditation daily, and I can say I am joyful than ever.


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