The Heart’s Stillness Is Your Calm Refuge

The world is ever changing! A moment cannot last forever. Today, you had chocolates, they were wonderful and now they are gone. The mind keeps wandering between the past and the future. This motion is constant, and you cannot deny it.

Just like things, people in our lives are bound to change. Relationships come and vanish. A friend so close can become a stranger tomorrow. In life, you are bound to witness so many chapters, ranging from friendships to love to break ups to children to more. There will be a variety of new beginnings and sad endings. In the end, nothing is permanent in life. You should move with the flow.

Changes life enjoys

Life always brings changes that we would enjoy. What makes life gorgeous would be “change”. Try to imagine this: the clouds above your head is passing slowly, and giving you a quick glimpse of the blue sky. And, at night, you will see the stars shinning with the moon rising. Nothing is permanent in this life.

As you become an adult, you will feel delighted about skipping exams and teenage drama. As you become an elderly person, you will feel happy about skipping promotions, work troubles and financial problems. At each stage, there is something new to be grateful about. What is important is understanding that happiness is everywhere. Stand still, take a deep breath and acknowledge the fact that some sufferings that were once huge have vanished. These sufferings have taught you a priceless lesson that only you can experience and not even describe. If this didn’t exist, mankind would feel frozen. Nothing great would have happened. It is because of change has everything become beautiful and possible.

Do you welcome change?

In life, change is easy said than acknowledged. Everyone talks about change, but how often are you prepared to accept it? Oh no! This is a very difficult topic to understand, and is even more difficult to accept. That is because changes can be heartbreaking, painful, disastrous and scary. When people die, relationships break, families drift apart and financial failures occur, we are bound to feel broken. Perhaps the sadness in loss is the most difficult thing to handle in life.

The terms and conditions of life

Temporariness of life comes with many terms and conditions. The moment you acknowledge that moments are dissolving, changing, unfolding slowly and evolving – the fact that everything is not stable or fixed, things can become terribly stressful. What connects all of these emotions and moments is time. Time is working great things behind us. In its current are we passing forward.

When something nice happens in life, we would always want to grasp it hard. We would try hard to keep it to ourselves. Sadly, the things we try to grasp will leave making us sad, frustrated and disappointed. Yet, the heart has to embrace stillness and be aware of life’s evolving nature. After all, the heart’s stillness is the only refuge for man.


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