The Importance Of Having A Spiritual Community

Spiritual community implies a group of people who belief in and discuss such topics as; opening the third eye, astral projections and chakras. Shoghi Effendi said;

“We cannot segregate the human heart from the environment around us and say that once one of this is reformed, everything will improve”.

Your inner life moulds the environment and is also deeply affected by it. When we think about building communities, we cannot ignore how much the society influences the individual and vice versa. Spiritual community helps you discover your moral framework, develop your powers of expression, to have this community with the same mindset and goal.

In spiritual community you must have the perspective of “us”, coming together and linking yourself in with other people. People from different spheres and works of life come together to build capacity among themselves and create significant change in their lives and society. Spiritual community involves connecting the spirits in each and every one of the members of the community in order to get the best they can possibly be by joining their abilities.

Spirituality has to do with connecting with the right information that will get you moving and progressing in a positive way. You must be careful to avoid being in a bad spiritual community, because when you do, you may end up having some inconsistencies in life decisions and focus. But when you get involved with the right spiritual community, you start to get full love, a better perspective in your reality, to opening up your energy field to other members of your community, to be able to intertwine and connect, share your experiences and grow significantly.

When you successfully find your spiritual community, it helps to deepen your thoughts and improve drastically, members of a spiritual community do not spend time on long conversations but rather they connect through various means, this takes their thoughts from the normal everyday life occurrences into higher spiritual matters. If you find it difficult to communicate your problems to people because they often neglect it and proffer inefficient solutions, then you should really join a spiritual community, where it is easier to find persons having the same challenge as you and also, to share these challenges with them. This helps alleviate the pressure and depression often associated with those challenges.

Finding and being a part of a spiritual community helps strengthen your inner peace. Stress and anxiety affects your inner peace and makes it difficult for you to relax and most times and may lead to insomnia, but meditation helps train the mind and focus your thoughts, being a part of the right spiritual community helps you think about higher ideals which shifts your thoughts slowly away from your stress triggers. You begin to feel much better and enjoy a stress free life especially when you are around your spiritual community.

To get the best from your spiritual community, you must ensure to participate fully and train your mind to be involved all through the meditation session.


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