The self-Compassionate Way To Get Things Done

When you are constantly under fire from different fronts and tend to get criticized for the things that you have not done you tend to criticize yourself. You begin to wonder if it is possible for you to really have this done. This happens both at work and at home as well for most of us. Criticizing yourself for the things you were not able to do can be a self-motivating factor for many of us. When we feel that we have under performed then we tend to take criticism in our stride and work harder to achieve things we have not. Here are a few steps which can guide you through this phase when you think you are under performing and not getting things done which you should have.


Procrastinating lesser by having self-compassion:

Choose to not criticize yourself and move on to self-compassion. Studies have shown that people who are self-compassionate achieve better results than people who are self-criticizing.  Procrastination should not be considered a problem as it is not. You would have to be better with management of emotions than managing time. Avoiding certain tasks which you find not able to do should be taken up as a challenge. If you start to avoid problems it would only run behind you to bite you hard.


Considering self-compassion as a friend:

Motivating yourself to do tasks rather than postponing it can be one of the best things that you can do for yourself. In case you are not able to build self-compassion for yourself you should always try making a friend of it. Comprehend what you would feel when you wake up to find things left undone which you may have done the previous night. Work towards having a better day despite your tiredness today. This would make your next day better than the today that you are living in. Working towards a better day can help you in more ways than one which is why many people choose to follow it.


Losing self-control due to self-empathy:

This is a common mistake that people do when they have self-empathy towards themselves. What happens is that they lose self-control in the process and easily give in to their worries or problems. Avoiding self-empathy is important o have self-control which is something you should learn to do.


Long term benefits derived from self-compassion:

Long term happiness and benefits is something that you should always consider today. This is considered one of the most fruitful ways to develop self-compassion towards a better tomorrow which is happier than today itself. By considering the long-term benefits of a simple task you can derive self-compassion and help you get things done immediately. In case you do not consider the long-term benefits that you may have then it may become difficult to build self-compassion or work towards it in your life.


If you are getting these things done on a regular basis you would be able to build the much important self-compassion part in your life. This would make your immediate future or tomorrow not just happier but brighter as well. This is why motivational speakers often stress on the importance of self-compassion within a person or yourself.


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