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Using Mindfulness To Develop Emotional Intelligence

For a long time, emotions were considered an impediment to one’s growth or development. Successful people were supposed to appear emotionless. They must neither show their emotions nor react to others’ emotions. But times have changed and it has been accepted that emotions are a part of our nature and we must accept it and see how we can use them or manage them to live in a better way. It has been established that those who acknowledge and handle their emotions are successful in the long run and they have better relationships with people.

Understanding Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is a term that is being used more often today as a means of understanding and managing your emotions. Sometimes emotions can prevent you from doing many activities. They could prevent you from thinking rationally. Emotions can also deprive you of sleep. You must manage your emotions properly. This is exactly what we mean by emotional intelligence

There are three components to emotional intelligence. Emotional awareness makes you become more perceptive of your emotions and accepting them as natural. Whether you see it in yourself or others, you learn to accept it as part of your life and something to be dealt with instead of getting worried. Emotional application is the second aspect that makes you use your emotions for your benefit or others. You can use the emotion to find why it occurs and take necessary action. Emotional management is the third component of emotional intelligence where you try to control the emotion and helps to make the right decisions.

The Benefits Of Emotional Intelligence

The main advantage of emotional intelligence is that instead of feeling flustered because of emotion you can express it better so others understand it. Emotional intelligence also helps you understand the reason behind the emotion instead of just lamenting about it. Emotional intelligence helps you understand why a person is behaving in a particular manner. It helps you to be more compassionate and earn the trust and love of other people.

With emotional intelligence, you can take corrective action on the reasons that cause such emotions. You can manage these emotions and use them in a better way to improve your productivity and also the relationship with other people.

The Role Of Mindfulness In Emotional Intelligence

Mindfulness is a condition of being fully aware of what is happening. This helps very much in developing your emotional intelligence. When you are mindful you can understand your emotions better. When you are mindful you can take necessary action to see that these emotions don’t cause you any harm.

Suppose you are unable to do your work properly due to certain emotions mindfulness helps you realize this and prompts you to take a break and tackle the emotions and get back to work with a clearer mind. Mindfulness also helps you to be aware of the emotions in people around you. This helps in developing better relationships. Being mindful is the best way to take control of your emotions and diverting them from causing any harmful effects.


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