Ways Through Which Mindfulness Leads To Special Insights

Mindfulness together with special insight is two concepts that go hand in hand. This means that it is impossible to achieve one without the other. They are by products of meditation practices and in the process, the individual gets to get rid of suffering while at the same time achieves enlightenment. By succeeding to achieve mindfulness and gaining special insight, you become able to get rid of mental as well as emotional tension bringing out the best version of yourself.

How mindfulness leads to special insight

  • Mindfulness meditation

This refers to the skill of knowing how to let go of either thoughts or feelings, which you have been holding on to for extensive durations that either stress or worry you, and channeling that energy towards achieving a stable perception and appreciation of what is happening now. Thoughts due to hate and blame are the most probable targets of this endeavor

The byproduct of being mindful in as far as special insight is concerned manifests when your awareness is expanded and broadened and the individual is then open to fresh ideas and fresh dimensions in terms of experience giving you the opportunity to develop a new interaction with life.

  • Special insight meditation

Special insight meditation is a mode of direct knowledge that is manifested in mindfulness meditation. The special attribute of this kind of insight is in its ability to eliminate the all the worrying and stressful emotions as well as the ignorance that comes with being human. The main cause of human suffering is in the ignorance and disturbing emotions. The purification of this negative human nature can be achieved if only we are able to embrace the concept of mindfulness and special insight.

  • The power of special insight

Following the successful taming of the mind and the consequential ability to effectively concentrate on your breathing in ad out, the individual acquires the most primary insight that is unlocked is the ability to appreciate on an intimate note that everything is subject to change. If we are able to appreciate the fact that even thoughts are always in active state of change, as are our emotions and feelings of the body, we become open to the fact that nothing remains in the same state throughout.

  • Enlightenment

This perfect union comes when mindfulness merges with special insights. When mindfulness is associated with subtle special insight, all the hurdles and obstructions that may prevent us from achieving the ever presence enlightened essence which we all have are removed.


Mindfulness and special insight are the highest merge that are raw materials for a life where we are in total control. This is because an enlightened mind is able to go past every obscurations and difficulties because of the positivity and shear will that the mind can self generate. Knowing how to handle our thoughts and emotions and channeling all the negative energy due to feelings of hate and anger towards positive endeavors is what will determine the kind of lives we lead. This is mostly due to the fact that we never really see anything as it is because in real sense, our opinions on things is based on who we really are as people.


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