Why mindfulness is important and how to develop it?

The psychological process that is involved in bringing the attention of a person, without any judgment using the practices involved in meditation and other training methods can be called mindfulness. It is very important to be mindful of what is currently present for each individual to be able to enjoy what is happening around them. A sense of calm can be achieved when people are aware of what is happening around them and help them handle situations better. Tuning your brain to understand, enjoy, comprehend, and react better are the few things that you can achieve with mindfulness classes or training.

We look at certain important aspects of practicing mindfulness and how it can make a difference. One has to remember that meditation and concentration play a great role in practicing mindfulness among people. Let us look a little more in detail on how to practice and use mindfulness for a good and healthy lifestyle.


  • Importance of observing your breathing: One of the most important aspects of meditation, yoga and, any relevant practice is to observe your breathing. Observing a single breath out or in itself is a form of meditation as many experts say. Worries, fears, and stress are lost when you do this and you can connect with your inner thoughts and spirit.
  • Concentrating on eating: While many people do not realize the importance of it, by doing this you can enjoy the flavor, taste, and smell of your food. This helps you nourish your food better and enjoy it which cannot be the case when you are on autopilot or multitasking while you eat.
  • Connecting with your senses: The sense of touch, sound, sight, smell, and sight can become your gateway to being mindful in the present moment. Use your senses to feel the simple things around you with all your senses. This would help you ease your thoughts and bring about love, attention, and peace into the daily things you do.
  • Pause before acting: Pausing before taking a simple action can be very fruitful and help you enjoy the day to day tasks. Things such as simple as feeling the weight of your body on a chair before starting your daily work. Pausing before opening the door, and putting minute pauses before action can help you with being mindful and helping you be relieved of stress.
  • Wholehearted listening: This is something that many of us do not practice. It is also known in simpler terms as active listening. We may be looking at the person who is speaking to us but we often let our mind wander to the other things that bother us. When you listen wholeheartedly you can be mindful of what the person is trying to convey.


Accomplishing these things may not be as easy as it sounds to many of us. However, trying these things over some time can help us master the art of being mindful. The practice of these simple tasks can make one mindful and react to stressful situations better and make mindful decisions. There are videos on social media and on the internet that you can choose to use to practice mindfulness in your daily life and live healthier and at peace at the same time.


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