Why You Should Start Yoga Immediately?

The world is currently suffering from a dangerous pandemic named Covid-19 which already has caused deaths to lakhs of people in almost all countries. According to health experts, this virus is affecting everyone. But those with poor immunity are considered to be the ones who are prone to succumb to it. Also, no person is spared, be it the young or the old, man or woman. Hence, doctors recommend everyone to stay fit, maintain body hygiene and increase their immunity levels. One such exercise which is being practiced for ancient times and is known to offer amazing health benefits, both to the mind & body is ‘Yoga’.

What is Yoga?

This ancient exercise is designed to offer the practitioner with more positive outlook and to stay focused in life, increase body immunity and stay fully fit. All this is possible with some mere exercises & without having to take any kind of expensive diet or therapy. Moreover, it is possible to practice yoga on a regular basis right at your home, be it on the terrace, in the garden or even in your room. There are plenty of YouTube videos & websites promoting yoga therapy during these troubled times.

Yoga is more about physical exercises, involving twisting & turning the body and getting into jaw dropping positions. But it is essential for every beginner to practice this exercise under the strict supervision of an expert. Years of careful practice & stretches will offer your body with greater flexibility and also keep diseases at bay.

Why consider it now?

  • Amazing workout: Practicing regularly does help your body to become strong inside out. The different organs of your body including your liver, kidney, heart, lungs, etc. along with the different muscles and bone structure are also made strong. Some exercises can also be done by small children, pregnant women, handicapped & even those who are elderly.
  • Increases body immunity: With regular yoga practice, your immunity level is increased to combat various types of virus causing diseases including Covid-19.
  • Helps develop mental & physical strength: Yoga increases your body strength from head to foot, allowing you to sit much longer for mediation. Furthermore, physical investment in wide range of positions & stretches allows you to experience fabulous physical strength benefits. Core strength is increased with stretches & lunges, while lung capacity is improved with breathing exercises.
  • Improves sleep: With yoga, you are sure to get good sleep, something that majority of the people, be it the young or the old lack these days, due to stress and tension. Lack of sleep does cause weakness of the immunity system. Quality sleep is necessary to stay fit and strong.
  • Helps with breathing techniques: Pranayama encourages more centred & focused ways of breathing. With yoga, you can be rest assured to avail effective stress-management. Those suffering from asthma on performing yoga can help open their lungs.
  • Helps improve posture: Yoga can help develop proper, premium posture, as different seated & breathing positions will required you to have straight back to derive approximate effects.

Hence, the above reasons very clearly state why you should start yoga without any further delay.


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