WILDMIND – A Community Supported Meditation Initiative

WILDMIND is engaged in educating the community about meditation. Wildmind is teaching people meditation through its meditation courses. Presently they are offering around 30 different courses on meditation. The survival as well as functioning of Wildmind is 100% based on “mutual kindness”. In the past Wildmind was offering meditation courses online which were 100% free. Now they require the support of the community to survive as well as to keep the site going in a better way. In fact now Wildmind is transforming mutual kindness. The survival and functioning of Wildmind and the service they provide to the community together make the most beautiful expression of mutual kindness. Wildmind is in the role of a Dharma teacher who offers able guidance to the community. Now, let us see how Wildmind has become the best expression of mutual kindness. The Dharma teacher offers courses on meditation to the community and the members of the community in return take care of the requirements of the Dharma teacher. Thus today Wildmind is a meditation initiative which is fully supported by the community. Wildmind provides spiritual support to the community for which each member of the community provides financial support to Wildmind. Each member contributes a small amount every month to Wildmind.

What WILMIND provides the members?

Those who contribute a small amount to Wildmind every month can access all the existing meditation courses which are around 30 in number. Access is provided to all the newly introduced meditation courses also by Wildmind. The members can have discussion with the online community regarding meditation and its practice. Members will also receive monthly newsletters. Meditation downloads and articles will be sent to all sponsors. Thus Wildmind functions as the best example of mutual care. With the support of 400 sponsors Wildmind is actively on its mission to become a 100% community-supported initiative. One can get all the above mentioned benefits from Wildmind just by contributing $4 every month. Generous members can contribute more if they wish so. Wildmind invites all members of the society to become sponsors for mutual benefit of Wildmind and the members. By way of becoming a sponsor of Wildmind you are becoming a part of a great international community apart from getting continued access to the meditation lessons. When tens of thousands of people come forward to contribute a small amount every month for a common purpose it becomes a major movement that will be able to do wonders.

Sponsoring of shares

By way of getting the membership of the community anybody can get enrolled for the new courses of Wildmind. A few more shares are left and those who are interested to become sponsors may make use of this opportunity to get the shares. One can have any number of shares to become sponsor. Normally one person will support two shares. Those who want to have more shares are welcome but, Wildmind wants to make it clear that by way of sponsoring more number of shares no extra benefits will be provided. Those who can afford to pay more and are eager to provide maximum possible support to this meditation initiative are most welcome to support more number of shares. Wildmind will be very grateful to all those who come forward to sponsor more than one share.


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