30 Days Guided Meditation & Visualization


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Your Complete Guide To A Life Of Bliss And Happiness

Have you ever questioned how guided meditation can help you live a life of bliss, declutter your mind, or create a seamless connection between your body, soul, and mind? Could it be that you’ve heard that guided meditation and visualization are akin to a herculean task that can only be done by some special set of people? Possibly, it could be that you need some evidence to prove that guided meditation is a perfect technique to help you develop self-love, care, compassion, and kindness? If that’s you, then read on to learn more. Yes, we’ve all been there, and we once questioned how only some moment of guided meditation can do all the magic it promises.

Well, the simple truth remains that guided meditation has continued to be the most potent technique to relieve anxiety, be in the present moment, release fear, and bring a feeling of calmness. However, all these benefits from guided meditation and visualizations don’t just come on a platter of nothing. Instead, they come as a result of absolute commitment, diligence, and a never-quit attitude to the practice of meditation. And guess what? All the guides and instructions you will need to make guided meditation a breeze for you is all that you will find in this 30 Days of Guided Meditation & Visualization.

What You Will Learn from This Books?

In case you may be wondering, the goal of this book is pretty simple – teaching and guiding you on the steps you can take to lead a healthy lifestyle through guided meditation and visualization.

 Inside this book, you will learn:

  • How to carry out guided meditation to relieve anxiety and fear.
  • How to achieve inner peace and calmness through guided meditation and visualization.
  • How to be in the present moment through mindfulness.
  • How to practice self-love and self-care.
  • How to set realistic goals and achieving them within the set time.


How You Can Achieve Your Goals with this Book?

Let’s face it! Guided meditation and visualization is a practice that requires utmost dedication and commitment for you to achieve your desired meditation goals. So, in this book, instead of just giving you the names of some forms of guided meditation and a brief overview of how they work, it provides you with a detailed step-wise guide on how to carry out each guided meditation technique that you want to practice. And besides just giving you a step-wise guide, contained in this book are also images and other visual elements to guide in the right direction for each meditation technique you would want to practice. As a matter of fact, this 30 Day Guided Meditation and Visualization is a complete guide that will help you achieve your meditation results and also lead a healthy lifestyle all the way.

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