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Easy Ways To Make Your Week Happy And Healthy

Your life is the result of your habits. If you are feeling stressed, lacking the motivation, and feeling sick, changing the habits will do the wonders in life. This is not the time to celebrate and enjoy in the pub and enjoy your life. The Covid -19 thing has put the stop for all those activities. But there are other ...

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Self-compassion – The Best Solution To Procrastination

The great advantage of self-compassion is that when we practice self-compassion we get more motivated. This happens because when we have self-compassion we develop more affinity towards our future self. As a result of self-compassion we realize the bad outcome of procrastination which we will have to face in our day-to-day life. Because of our physical tiredness at the moment ...

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How To Stay More Focused While Studying?

Do you need to maximize your study time? Do you need to apply strategies to learn better? Getting to more focus on the study is the key to being able to apply all those strategies that you surely know. Study techniques are nothing if the focus cannot be boosted. Emphasizing the promotion of the focus of the study is important ...

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The Science Behind Meditation And Its Benefits.

Physical activity sure has its rewards, but mentally exercising has also proven to be a win short-term and long-term. Anxiety and stress take a heavy toll on the mind and can inhibit optimum performance. Both are known to be associated with mental illnesses and interferes with one’s daily activities. Stress induces anxiety which could later result in a mental health ...

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How Music Helps Cure Anxiety

Anxiety is a nerve disorder that is increasingly present in our society and it causes fear, nervousness and even sometimes, in its extreme version, panic. Anxiety is a normal sensation when we are worried or anxious, but it can become chronic. Indeed, when one is anxious, one feels a feeling of insecurity, an apprehension, even of the terror caused by a situation ...

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3 Types of Meditation For Instant Relief From Anxiety


If уоu аrе gоing thrоugh a mentally tough timе оr dealing with intense personal pressure аt work, possibilities аrе уоu feel over-burdened, nervous аnd concerned аbоut уоur capability tо cope. Stress, anxiety, fear, соnсеrn аrе аll emotions whiсh drain уоur energy аnd leave уоu feeling paralyzed, stuck аnd unable tо ѕее a method thrоugh уоur problems. Whеn уоu аrе dоwn ...

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