Change Your Quarantine Into Retreat To Make An Inward Shift

Life is a challenge but the question is how much of it is worth taking?

Everybody passes their life through different stages. There are pains, happiness, disease, well-being and everything in it. While there is success you have to face failure too and in this entire dilemma you spend your life. Have you ever thought that these are the things that bind you and keep you attached to whatever you are!

With so many cultures out there one thing is surely common in all, and that is everyone is trying to find solace from the pain that life gives them. We think about ourselves and our ego too much and forget the real self. That is why there are meditation techniques, fitness regime, nutrition classes that will help you unleash something that is bound within you.

In this article I will share my experience where I decided to spend time with my children and grandchildren. I had also thought of keeping in touch with friends, but gradually found that everything was getting me bored. I know more find interest in all those people. I rather love reading books, spending time with myself and try to understand what was within me!

I was worried if I was turning into a hermit but was happy with the change. I found myself getting engaged with something that was well within me. Self-realization was something I may be getting into and I loved it. I got to know what was there within us that made us feel different. I tried different meditation techniques which helped me understand myself better. I was a better person, at least that’s the way I felt! I had faith in the religious thoughts and believed that things will get better, just it was changing me. There are inner source of healing and you can understand them once you get to know yourself better.

As the runaway virus took its way throughout the world I had to return home, but now I had understood the changes in life. There were sufferings everywhere but things were different for someone like me who had understood and got the inner meanings. I am not forcing everything on other, but these are my real experiences. From Bhagavad Gita, the holy book of Hindus, I learned that when things are out of your hand put down your arms and stay calm. Everything will be in its course again.

With these simple thoughts I think life will be better even during this period of challenge. Here are certain suggestions that might be of great help.

  • Don’t try to control reality. Your ego may not allow, but let the reality go
  • Choose a place in your home where you can meditate and find solace for some time.
  • Fix a time every day, better during morning, to sit back and meditate and self-reflect. Just “do” nothing!
  • Set aside a time to listen to inspiration talks by leaders and reading inspirational books. They will help you
  • Enjoy wholesome nutrition and exercise regularly to stay fit, physically.
  • Don’t lose the faith that there is mystery and it will unfold.
  • Finally, do care for others. When you are selfless you will find more hearts inclined to you!


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