How Christmas Helps Learn Selflessness

Have you ever thought about your personalities and other people’s personalities? How much do you care about others? Do you have that spirit that observes what is going on with other people and are you ready to give a helping hand?

Well, to some people, giving and showing love to others have become their habits. While some people see it as nothing because they have not come to realize the importance. Meanwhile, some people have the heart of giving even when they don’t have much, so they keep saving over time until the Christmas season. Are you wondering why some people save up until the Christmas season?

Actually, Christmas is a season of goodwill. Meanwhile, during the Christmas season, it can be a tough time for many people such as orphans to also feel the love and merry in the air at this season. Well, this is a season to make everyone feel happy and be thankful for the life thy live.

Also, the heart of showing kindness gives happiness and wellness to both the giver and the receiver because there is a sense of fulfilling a purpose that the giver feels, while the receiver feels happy for some of the needs that have been met.

As it was described above that Christmas is associated with showing kindness. So, how has Christmas helped you to learn selflessness?

Certainly, Christmas has given opportunities to be selfless. Some of them are described as follows:

  • It gives room for volunteering

Volunteering is an act of showing selflessness because it helps to change many people’s lives during the holidays.

Since the Christmas season is always holidays and people are very free, so volunteering for a charity helpline, helping in the kitchen, helping with gift wrapping for unprivileged children, and so on can be easier to embark on.

  • It creates a time for an unexpected show of kindness

The atmosphere associated with Christmas is always spectacular, so people put a smile on a stranger’s face unexpectedly.

This simple and unexpected kind gesture at Christmas can brighten up the day for someone, and in return, making you feel fulfilled about yourself.

Some of the simple and unexpected kindness could be giving a tip to friendly workers like baristas or waiters, or help someone that is struggling with his/her luggage.

Another way could be by offering to help to take photos for people that are trying to take themselves in tourism, or give homeless person snacks, give a real compliment.

  • It gives chances for making new friends

During the Christmas period, people volunteer to share gifts within the neighborhood.

While moving round to check on people for sharing of gifts and their well-being, along the way, you can engage in a conversation with people either young or old, and this may later end up being the closest friends ever.

This act of kind gesture allows you to know about people that lonely or isolated. A lonely or isolated person may not be far from depression.

Therefore, reaching out and having a conversation with such people can give a positive impact.

  • It allows the showing of love to people through gift and donations

It has been the common practice every Christmas season to share gifts. Some people voluntarily help out women and children to escape domestic abuse during Christmas. This kind of present can change the world.

The common way of doing such is by donating for refuge parcels. This refuge parcel can make provision for cloth and food for women that have been domestically abused.


Christmas has always been a time when people exchange presents. During the Christmas period, people also show love through volunteering, donation, and visitations. 

Through such acts, people can knowingly or unknowingly become selfless. Also, being selfless brighten up people’s day and make the world a better place.

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