A Christmas Themed Yoga Exercise

A Christmas Themed Yoga Exercise

Christmas is around the corner, the season of super excitement, fun for adults and children. The season to get your mind racing is here again. There are lots of yoga exercises to make the season double joy.

For parents to make the season memorable for themselves and their children, you need to check some yoga exercises and meditation.  Incorporating yoga exercise and mediation into your Christmas celebration will make it a different one. Yoga exercises make the season unique, calm, and super exciting.

Simple Yoga exercises during Christmas

Yoga exercise is necessary for your body; it relieves your body of stress and helps to relax your mind apart from the fact that it makes the period fun full.

The following are some yoga exercises.

Downward dog pose

The pose helps you to lengthen and reduce the spine; it stretches the hamstrings and strengthens your arm.

Warrior poses.

This kind of pose helps you to relax your nerves, mind, and body. While doing this, you straighten your legs, open your chest and shoulder.

 Easy pose.

Doing this you open your spine. This pose may look easy but it eases the menstrual pains in women and its lower level of anxiety.

Bridge pose

This pose is a good one that helps open the hip joints it strengthens your chest and spine. It relief you are of stress, body aches, etc.

Child poses

Doing this you rest your body; it helps to relieve neck, back, and hip pains. You do this by sitting and folding your legs and raising your hands.

Dancer Pose.

Open your hip-width wide and look straight. You need to be the focus. This helps to calm the mind and free your mind from any disturbing thoughts.

Wheel Pose.

This is similar to the bridge pose. You bend your body in form of a ring. This helps to strengthen the backbone, strengthens your legs and shoulder, and arm.

Camel pose.

You need to bend your entire back. This helps to work on the back and neck. The neck is relaxed.

Tree pose.

This you do by sitting and you crossed your legs, and you will place your two hands on your stomach. Then breathe in and out. This will enhance your breathing system.

Angel Pose.

Doing this you lay on your back flat and your hands raised above your head and you also spread your legs.  And you think of a good place you want to be.


Christmas is always a unique holiday, and it comes with a lot of celebrations. It helps to reunite the family and distant family members together.

It is a season you show love to other people and a time for a parent to make out time for their children and show them some love. Xmas is a time of sweet reflection. So you have to make the period unique.

As merry and fun the Christmas season may be, it also come with lots of work that may lead to stress.

But with some simple yoga routines such as tree pose, bridge pose and others in this article, you can over the stress of the Christmas season.

Wishing you and you’re a merry Christmas and a prosperous year ahead.

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