Be Self Aware And Make Changes In Your Life

I am sharing my story of taking anti-depressants because I was totally under depression. In such situation someone suggested me to visit physicians and they started medications. I should not deny to the fact that they worked magically and after taking the medicines for about 2 years I stopped taking them. I did so with the belief that now I will feel better and life will be as normal as before.

The reality was not something as I though. After some rime again felt the same and things seem tough to me. I was not able to carry on everything that I was doing earlier and this way I had only one thing left open in front of me! Start the medications again and depend upon them for the whole lifetime. I am sharing this story of mine just to let someone out there who is in such position as I was. If my experience becomes helpful for them it will be great feelings for me too.

The second time when I started medications I decided after some time that I need to leave it. I never ever thought that I will spend my whole life depending upon them! I started the normal medication but as time passed by I decided that it was time to stop, but this time I didn’t stop it altogether. Gradually I started minimizing the doses so that the effect of medicine on my nerves soothes me when I stop them totally.

When I stopped there were mood swings, anxiety and everything that I had faced earlier, but this time I gave myself two weeks’ time and worked during that! I started understanding my inner self. I tried to find out the root cause that was leading me to such situations again and again. I wanted to make sure that I could understand the situations of my past that had left an impression on my mind. Once I am able to encode them it will be easier for me to think of life differently and behave the way I should.

I started understand that shouting or misbehaving with ones who love me was not the solution, not even medications! They helped a lot but made me dependent on them. Then what it was that helped me get the change? It was Self-awareness that played the key role in my transformation. Once I started understand my thoughts, my fears and what I actually want from life, it was easier for me to handle them. For short run simple things like medications may help but for long run they won’t. it then you have to work on something that will change you, the inner you!

I thought of different ways by which my environment was affecting me. I tried to make changes in them as well as in me. I tried to meditate so that I can find peace within and lead a life that was better. Everything worked. Now whenever I face challenge my first keyword is self-awareness. It helps a lot and if you require it you may try it too.

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