Wellbeing Myths And Misconceptions: How To Dispel Them

Wellbeing or wellness is the desire of everyone. But to many people, these words seem unachievable, especially when considering the flamboyant and flashy lifestyle of others on social media.

However, to others, wellbeing or wellness means taking a warm bath in the most luxurious baths, enjoying a moment of leisure with some juicy and sumptuous meals or even living under the ambience of expensive and scented candles.

With these and more, the word wellness becomes more and more scary and unachievable to those who live within a tight free schedule for luxury, or even on a low budget.

This, you can tell has elicited some misconception and some form of anxiety about what it truly means to enjoy wellness or to relish wellbeing.

Take, for instance, men have grown to nurture the belief that accepting or acting under the influence of their emotional world is as good as saying that they are weak or is a form of weakness for men.

In such a situation, most men feel that expressing their vulnerability or anxiety about something is seen as not being man enough to confront one’s challenges. This, you can tell has led to a lot of anomaly in society.

On the flip side, women have been called to give priority to the feelings and needs of others due to the belief that most women are only concerned about their individual experiences and feelings.

And generally, it is a norm or common belief that success can only be quantified by the figures of one’s bank account balance, and moral worth is equal to success.

All these are more are mere myths, which just like what it means to enjoy wellbeing have left so many in a state of sadness and panic since they feel that they aren’t living up to the standard of others to be seen as living a life of wellness.

In this regards, the idea behind wellness and wellbeing turn out to be a major setback for some group of people undergoing discrimination and even oppression.

In the real sense, wellbeing or wellness – whatever that may mean to you before now, is the living of contentment and happiness with the little things you find around you.

Wellbeing is peculiar to each person, and it usually involves a journey through the ups and downs of life, unsubscribing from bad vibes, learning and accepting new and positive lifestyle.

And to achieve this, meditation remains a major way to fully dedicate ourselves, and see ourselves as an individual whose responsibility of being happy per time is solely on you.

By so doing, you can conquer negative feelings and thoughts which constantly resonates within you about whether or not you are living a life of wellness. Constantly dwelling in such negative thoughts can always lead to a detrimental end either yourself or others around you.

Nevertheless, consistent practice of personal development with an increased level of self-awareness through meditation can serve as the perfect tool to boost your self-worth even in the face of challenges.

And once you can overcome this demeaning thoughts within you, you are already basking in wellbeing and wellness since all your thoughts, actions and inactions will be a reflection of happiness, positivity, enthusiasm and optimism.

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