Psychological Ways Of Keeping You Online

Do you know that app developers and internet based companies use psychological tricks to keep you going back to their site? Well, it is quite obvious because resisting certain websites is extremely difficult. In addition to quality information and splendid design, website creators use psychological tactics to attract you. It is important for them to design a space that would make you stay and return!

So, what do developers use on their websites? How do they attract millions and millions of viewers every day?

According to BJ Fogg, a psychologist at Stanford, website creators focus on three important things to attract visitors. One, they ensure that the website motivates visitors to perform an action. This is also known as “call-to-action”. Two, it serves as a platform for accomplishing certain tasks. The task doesn’t have to be great. It could be something crazy too. However, the website has to help the visitor accomplish something. Finally, the online platform acts as a trigger. It prompts visitors to perform a series of tasks.

The Tactics

#1 Rewards

A powerful technique used by companies and website developers would be “Rewards”. The right kind of reward can keep you glued to a website. You are more likely to scroll up-and-down for more rewards. By making the process unpredictable, websites can make you stay online for longer hours. After all, the surprise factor will prevent you from clicking away or becoming bored. This is also known as “operant conditioning”. When compared to classic conditioning methods, this is much more sophisticated.

#2 The Monkey Trick

Next would be the “Decoy Method” alias “Monkey Trick”. This method increases the chances of you staying online and making a purchase. It is used extensively by e-commerce websites. After all, no successful sales means no business for the online company.

So, lets understand the decoy method. As you browse online, you come across three different products: an online option for 50 USD, a print online option for 100 USD and a print plus online option for 150 USD. Companies have an online only option to make the print plus online option more interesting. Voila! Doesn’t this sound like a practical technique to profit? Certainly yes! Every day, millions of customers fall for the decoy method.

#3 Triggering Rewards

The online industry strongly depends on “bingeing”. That is why designers and developers use tricks that would make you binge more. This is how Netflix and Hulu works. Harnessing the power of binge watching is very important. It will ensure that the online visitor keeps coming back again and again.

The trigger-reward system is highly effective in smartphones. That is because smartphones receive notifications, and you can perform actions on the go. Things like liking a photograph, replaying to a comment or buying something nice is easy with the smartphone. And, companies work towards ways that will ensure that you return for more.

On the whole, there are many ways to keep you online all the time. The best methods are psychological, and can have a lasting impact.


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