Have Magic Morning Mindset To Start Your Day Afresh

Being busy with a regular schedule of work, most of the time people forget about themselves. They forget what is it that they expect from themselves, sometimes asking something for themselves is taken back as guilt as you felt you didn’t have the right to do it. However, have you ever thought that when you keep on ignoring yourself to make others happy, aren’t you depriving yourself and your loved ones from something precious?

Unless you are happy, how is it possible that you can make someone else happy too? Short terms results may be good but in the long run what will happen? You will find that you are no longer the person you had been. You are unable to find happiness in anything as you have let go of those things from your life that made you smile and feel good.

While it is true that you cannot get to do everything that you like in life once you have other duties to render but giving some time to yourself, especially in the morning will help you start every day in a better way. Try out the Magic morning mind-set and see the change yourself.

What is Magic Morning mind-set all about?

First it is important to understand what is the magic behind the MAGIC morning mind-set? The term Magic here stands for, Movement, Alignment, Gratitude, Intention and Connection.

First, you need to set the intention for which you are following this mind set in the morning. For those who find it tough to wake up early, try to go to bed a bit early. Even going to bed 15 to 20 minutes before will help.

Once you wake up in order to train your mind write down your dreams. If there are thoughts that wander around you pen them down. Mention such things that make you feel lighter. Keep in mind that it is all about opening up your mind.

Next is all about your body. Play music that you like and dance with it. Stretch and do some activities that make your body feel good. You can also do some push ups and jumping jacks so that your body gets warmed up.

The last is to train your spirit and the best thing to do that is practicing meditation. Sit quietly and have control over your breathing. For the first day if you cannot stay long, do it for one minute and you will feel the difference! Gradually enhance the time and notice the change in your mood and feelings.

In short it must be said that everything is all about getting connected with yourself.  Trying the magic mind-set will help you create and maintain that connection. Once you are happy you will be able to keep others happy and fulfill their wish.


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