Growing In the Dark: Why Negative Feelings Matters

Everybody needs a mind that is positive but do you have any idea that while growing in the dark too you can cultivate a positive mind? There are many personalities out there who have shown that they have changed their life even though they had grown up in the dark. Everything around them was negative and because this negativity was there in their life they have understood the importance of even the smallest positive thing happening to them.


Negative feelings matters because it teaches you to compare

How fair are you? It is not possible to say that whether you are very fair or only a little bit! You can say that only when there is a comparison because when you are able to compare, you can actually understand the difference between the two. Similarly, when you are having everything good in your life you may find that boring too! When you have something negative then you can enjoy those good things in your life. Thus, negativity teaches you to compare and be happy with what you have at that moment. You never know that the next moment you may not have anything at all.


Negative feelings matters as it makes you tough

Life is not bed of roses and that is something known to all. You have to face different situations in life but when you get everything good you are not enough strong to face any odd. Happiness around you makes you feel that you are capable of getting the best, and suddenly if things turn upside down you do not know what to do! When you have problems in life you face and solve them yourself, you know what you are capable of, and actually it makes you tough!


Negative feelings matters as it does not let your life go stale

Stay in light for some time and you will find that the light does not affect your eyes anymore. However, if you enter a lighted area from darkness you will find it very bright at first and then gradually you will be able to adjust. Similarly without negative feelings and darkness in your life you will not be able to enjoy the brightness of light, everything will turn stale gradually. It is your negative feelings that will make you understand the importance of positive ones. It helps the brightness be there in your life.

When you have grief you know how much something was dear to your heart, you learn to give importance to something. Your confusion, sadness, discomfort, anger and any other negative feelings matters as it teaches you something. You learn to value things, you are able to do things in a better way as you already know what the bad things will lead to. Grow up in some darkness around you and only then you will be able to learn about brightness.

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